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In Biomutant, there is a Trophy/Achievement called Twinkle Twinkle, which asks you to “Discover a Twinkle Crashsite.” There’s also a gear set called the Ark Suit that may or may not be tied to some late-game events. Yes, I’m purposefully being vague about that.

Anyway, you can acquire both of these by completing a series of side quests called Nova, which you pick up from a character named — wait for it — Nova.

Before we go any further, I’m going to warn you that there will be some spoilers in this guide. If you haven’t reported to Out-of-Date at the Tree of Life, you probably want to do that before getting any deeper into this guide. Don’t worry, the Ark Suit and the Twinkle Twinkle Trophy aren’t going anywhere — they’ll still be around when you’ve finished up the business I mentioned.

If you haven’t bounced yet, let’s carry on.

Nova can be found at the Watchout, which is located in the Fnackyleaves. She’s at the top of a tower, which is pretty hard to miss, but here’s where that tower is located on the map:

Biomutant - Watchout Location

This is due west of the Tree of Life, in case you need to get your bearings.

Make your way to the top of the tower (there’s an elevator, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get up there), then talk to Nova to begin a side quest called Twinkle Thwarting. Oh, and while you’re up here, make sure you mark the signpost so you can fast travel back here later. That will save you a bit of time.

Nova will ramble on about the stars and such before asking you for a twinkle shard. Basically, this is a piece from a meteorite. Now, I’m going to post a video here of the rest of the quest, but if you want a written guide instead, just scroll down below the video and keep reading.

The game should place a quest marker near the railing of the Watchout (if it doesn’t, make sure you have the Twinkle Thwarting side quest set as your active quest). Walk over to it, and the scene should change from day to night (if you’re there during the day, that is). You’ll witness a meteor crash, and Nova will send you after it. The meteorite location should now be marked on your map.

When you get to the meteorite, you’ll have to fight off some monsters. I didn’t have much trouble with the fight, but my weapons are ludicrously overpowered. I really can’t say how difficult this fight is supposed to be.

Once you’ve beaten the enemies, walk over to the meteorite and press the interact button (triangle if you’re on PS4). You’ll have to solve a puzzle, which is super, super easy. Just match white with white and yellow with yellow and the puzzle is solved.

If you really, really need help with this… sigh… here’s the solution:

Biomutant - Twinkle Twinkle

Seriously, these puzzles are way too easy.

When the puzzle is complete, the meteorite will burst open and you’ll have completed the Twinkle Thwarting phase of the quest chain. This should automatically trigger a side quest called The Twinkle Shard, and this is where you should pop the Twinkle Twinkle Trophy.

Biomutant - Twinkle Twinkle

From here, now you just have to report back to Nova. You marked that signpost right? If so, you can fast travel straight back to the Watchout. If not, you’ll have to go back on foot. Or on a mount. Or whatever.

Nova will ask you to put the twinkle fragment (or shard, or stone, or whatever she’s calling it at this point) into her telescope, and if it’s daytime, the game should automatically skip to night. This completes The Twinkle Shard quest, moving you onward to a side quest called The Long-Eye.

All you have to do is approach the telescope (which is just meters away from where Nova is standing) and press the interact button. This brings up another puzzle.

Biomutant - Long-Eye Puzzle

It’s another ridiculously easy puzzle. Match white to white and yellow to yellow, as shown in the image above.

Now that you’re using the telescope, you just have to move it to the right until you spot a super bright star. It shouldn’t be hard to miss. Once you do, press the Use button (X on PS4) to mark it.

Report back to Nova and she’ll mention that she has some old junk she wants you to have. She’ll also ask for a spot on the Ark, which you can either grant or deny. (I figured she’d be the best possible critter to have on the Ark, since she seems to know all about the stars and such, so I let her be a part of my crew, but you don’t have to do that.)

Anyway, the junk that she was referring to is the Ark Suit, which is yours now. Walk over to the cabinet behind Nova and grab it.

Biomutant - The Ark Suit

The Ark Suit makes you look like an astronaut, so it’s fun to wear, but it’s also a reference to a late-game event. If you’ve gotten this far, I think you can probably make some assumptions about what that might be, but if not, I won’t spoil it for you.

Anyway, that’s how you complete the Nova questline to acquire the Ark Suit and pop the Twinkle Twinkle Trophy/Achievement. in Biomutant.

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