Biomutant - Biohazard Suit

Biomutant‘s open world features many environmental dangers that can put a damper on your ability to explore areas thoroughly. However, those dangers can be mitigated with the right gear. If you want to safely navigate one of the game’s many biohazard zones, you’re going to need to acquire the Biohazard Suit.

When you enter a biohazard zone for the first time, a quest called “The Biohazard Suit” should be added to your log, which will walk you through all of these steps to getting the first piece of this set. However, I’ll explain the basic process in case you want to get a head start on your biohazard exploration.

Locate the Pingdish

Biomutant - Pingdish

The first step is to locate the “Pingdish,” which is a radar dish. Here’s the location:

Biomutant - Pingdish Location

Once you’re here (Pingdish 6E), you’ll have to solve a puzzle that will activate the radar. Simply match white with white and yellow with yellow and you’re golden. The puzzle is no problem. (There’s an element of RNG to these puzzles, so the solution that worked for me will likely not work for you, but these puzzles are super easy anyway.)

Once you’ve activated the Pingdish, you’ll need to locate the signal. You do this by spinning the radar dish to the left or right. As you home in on the signal, your controller should start vibrating. The faster the vibrations, the closer you are to where you need to be pointing. Once you think you have the location, press X to confirm (if you’re on PS4). This should cause the location to appear on your map.

Follow the signal

Biomutant - Bangshelter 6D Location

The Pingdish signal should take you to a bunker called Bangshelter 6D. You can see the exact location in the image above.

Bangshelter 6D isn’t very big, and there’s not a ton of danger, though you should be prepared to fight a group of enemies (Bubba Sknarfs and a few smaller critters). The fight isn’t difficult at all, so it shouldn’t be a problem. If for some reason you’re struggling, just know that the group of smaller enemies is attacking Bubba Sknarfs. You can wait this out to see them tear into each other for a while, reducing each other’s health.

When that’s all done, you’ll need to use the Klawbar on a door to access a locked room. Inside this room, you’ll find the Anti-Biohazard Hood, Biohazard Pants, and the Anti-Biohazard Jacket in a cabinet. You really can’t miss the cabinet, as you can see in the image below.

Biomutant - Oxygen Suit

The Anti-Biohazard Hood increases your Biohazard resistance by 20%, the Biohazard Pants increase your biohazard resistance by 30%, and the Anti-Biohazard Jacket reduces your biohazard resistance by 75%. Yeah, that’s a total of 125%, which means you don’t even necessarily need to wear the full suit to get 100% resistance. But it does look cooler to have the full suit on.

Biomutant - Biohazard Suit

Also note that the Biomutant has five hazard types: heat, cold, radioactive, hypoxia, and biohazard. There is a suit for all five, and the process of getting the other four is pretty much exactly the same as for the Biohazard Suit: Simply enter a hazard zone and follow the quest prompts from there. Find the Pingdish, ping the Bangshelter, grab the suit.

And that’s how you get hazard suits in Biomutant!

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