Biomutant has a pretty robust character creation system (though I admittedly lament the lack of Garfield-style stripes). While it gives you a ton of control over how your character looks, it can also be a little overwhelming when you first encounter it. So what happens if you end up not liking your character’s design?

Thankfully, you don’t have to start over to change your character appearance in Biomutant. However, changing your appearance isn’t straightforward, as there are two different ways to do it, and each lets you customize a specific aspect of your character. I’m going to walk you through both of them.

Visit Trim to get a haircut

Biomutant - Trim

For your basic haircut needs, you can visit Trim, the Biomutant barber. At Trim’s stall, you can change your fur color and pattern, using what’s basically the fur color portion of the character creator.

You can find Trim just west of the village of Flibberdit. If you need help finding it, just look for the giant mountain that’s to the north of where you start out (and southeast of the Tree of Life). Flibberdit is just north of that mountain, and Trim is just a stone’s throw to the west of that.

Biomutant - Trim Location

Before he’ll clean you up, you must complete a couple requests for him.

The first request has you purchase a pair of Clipperfingers from Juju. Now, this actually requires you to complete Juju’s whole questline, which is quite a bit trickier than Trim’s. You’ll need to climb up a tall cliffside (Upsidups) in the Knupstonies and collect a bobbin from a kite (this is the infamous Gone with the Wind quest). If you’re struggling to find a way up there, you need to approach the cliff from the south. There should be yellow paint marks that show you where to climb, and that will get you where you need to go.

Biomutant - Where to Climb

Once you make it up the cliffside, climb the kite rope to fetch the bobbin. Return the bobbin to Juju and his shop will be open for business. Now you can buy the Barber Clipperfingers for Trim.

Once Trim has the Clipperfingers, you can get your fur trimmed (which changes the basic fur pattern), but you can’t change the color yet. You must first fetch a Sputdye Can.

The Sputdye Can is in Suburbia, which is to the west of Trim’s location. Simply follow the quest markers, which will take you into an underground area to fetch the dye. Bring it back to Trim and the shop will be back to business. You can now change the main color and detail color of your character’s fur (for a small fee).

Biomutant - Trim's Barbershop

And yes, both Trim and Juju are recruitable characters for the Ark, so if you’re far enough along in the story, they’ll ask you about it.

Find a Biopool to alter your DNA

Biomutant - Mutation Pool

Of course, you can change more than your furstyle; you can actually alter your character’s DNA. This requires a trip to a Biopool (also referred to as a Mutation Spot in game).

Now, there are a few places in the game where you can find these, but I’ll guide you to one that I know of off the top of my head: Bio Nucleus 7H, which is just southeast of the Tree of Life.

Biomutant - Bio Nucleus 7H

You’ll probably want to suit up (here’s how to get the Biohazard Suit, if you don’t already have it), because this is a toxic area. Now, you’re looking for a bunker that looks like this:

You’ll need to break the lock with your Klawbar, but that should be no problem at this point in the game, right?

Biomutant - Bio Nucleus 7H

Once you’re in the bunker, you need to find the Mutation Spot, which is a glowing green pool of goo (shown at the top of this section. Once you find this pool, you can mutate your character with an interactive wheel menu (similar to the character creator at the beginning of the game, though this time it won’t affect your stats).

Biomutant - Mutate Your Character

Mutating your character costs 1 Bio Point.

And there you go. Those are the two ways to change the appearance of your character in Biomutant!

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