Biomutant doesn’t have a post-game. Once you complete the game, you see the ending, and then you’re thrust into New Game+, where you can make different decisions and see how they affect the story.

In New Game+, you’ll skip the opening hour or so of the game (the Bunker 101 section, along with many of the early tutorial quests), and you’ll start out at the foot of the Tree of Life. Instead of choosing between the Myriad and the Jagni, you can now choose to join any of the six tribes. Yes, you can finally start a Maximum Dark tribe playthrough (if you choose the Lotus tribe)!

So what carries over into New Game+? Here’s a complete list.

Your Appearance and Your Class


You won’t be taken back to the character creator again, so you’ll keep your appearance and your class. However, you can still change your appearance by meeting up with Trim or by accessing a Biopool. Your class is locked in, but at this point in the game it hardly matters anymore.

Your Character Level

Biomutant - Saboteur

Your character’s level when you completed the game will be the level you start at in NG+. The level cap is 50, so you should be able to easily hit that in your second playthrough.

Your Aura

Biomutant - Aura

All of your Aura points will carry over. That means if you played the game very, very good on your first playthrough (like I did), you’re going to need to really work to move over to the dark side, and vice versa.

All of Your Point Assignments

Biomutant - Points

Anything you’ve invested points into is permanent. You’ll keep all of your perks, all of your mutations (including resistances), all of your Wung-Fu unlocks, and so on.

Any Upgrade Points you still haven’t spent will carry over as well.

Most of Your Inventory

Biomutant - Inventory

Just about everything in your inventory will carry over into New Game+. This includes your weapons, parts, healing items, gear, etc. This means you will actually get to keep Sol’s Trunk and the Helipack, despite those being late-game gadgets in your first playthrough.

If you collected any of the danger zone suits, such as the Biohazard Suit or the Oxygen Suit, those will be in your inventory already and those quests will show as already completed. No need to go chasing down hazard suits all over again!

You’ll also keep any of the exclusive gear you earned from your tribe, which means you can keep gear from multiple tribes over multiple playthroughs. Collect all the tribe outfits!

Of course, you won’t keep any quest items or keys (except for the Gaga Grub, for some reason).

All of Your Money

Biomutant - Honki's Money

If you finished the game rich, you’ll start New Game+ rich. All of your Greenleaf carries over into your next playtrhough.

In Biomutant, you can take it all with you after all!

All of Your Tools

Biomutant - Klonkfist

You will get to keep your tools. You’ll start New Game+ with:

  • Old World Klonkfist
  • Old World Klawbar
  • Rod Net

If you’ve already upgraded your tools, you’ll start New Game+ with them fully upgraded. You won’t have to do the upgrade quests over again.

Some of Your Mounts

Biomutant - Snickels

You will get to keep any of the mounts you tamed or purchased. You won’t, however, keep any of the mounts that you earned via story quests. So no, you won’t start out the game with the Mekafingro or the Gullblimp. And yes, you’re going to have to chase Wrekboxes all across the map again if you want to customize your Mekton and Googlide.

All of Your Automaton Functions


Any of the Automoton functions you earned will carry over. This means you can continue to use the Health Injector and Glider without having to unlock them over again.

However, your Automaton cosmetics are all gone, so you’re back to aesthetics of the default model. You can re-earn Automaton cosmetics for this playthrough by re-doing the Signboard quests.

None of Your Signposts

Biomutant - Signpost

You’ll be starting at the Tree of Life instead of Bunker 101, but none of the signposts you marked in your previous playthrough will be available. This means you won’t be able to fast travel until you’ve started marking signposts over again.

Plus, the fog of war is back, so you’ll have to clear it out by exploring the map over again.

None of Your Ark Choices

Biomutant - Ark Blueprints

Your Ark choices reset in NG+, meaning you can choose different characters to join you on the Ark. Note that your Aura in this playthrough will affect who can join your Ark-spedition.

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