Far Cry 6

Look, with each new Far Cry game, we all find ourselves caving in, plopping down some hard-earned cash, and playing the ever-loving crap out of the thing. “It was alright,” we’ll say, “but I’m probably not going to get the next one.” Fast-forward two years, and we’re all champing at the bit for that “next one.” Every time.

Far Cry is a comfort-food series. You know the general idea of what you’re getting into before you ever start, and it provides just enough virtual calories to leave you feeling satisfied, with a craveable flavor you can’t really get anywhere else. Far Cry has become the BK Whopper of video games. It wasn’t always this way, but perhaps that’s an argument for another time.

2021 is a Far Cry year, though Far Cry 6 was delayed to a vague far-future release window. Today, at Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 livestream, we finally got a concrete release date: Far Cry 6 is releasing October 7 for PC and consoles. I assume by “consoles,” they mean PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X (and maybe Stadia if we can still detect a heartbeat). While Ubisoft did manage to squeeze Immortals Fenyx Rising onto the Nintendo Switch, I have my doubts that they’ll do the same for Far Cry 6.

I swore Far Cry 5 would be my last one, but I’m already getting excited for another violent open-world shooter.

Ah, who am I kidding? I always knew I was going to get Far Cry 6. Deep in my heart, I always knew it.

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