It’s been a long time since Adam Smithson has ventured outside his apartment, and for good reason. The streets of Granite City are filled with creatures that are waiting to steal the blood from your veins. This isn’t just because they’re blood-thirsty; Granite City has a literal blood economy. You can trade blood in for cash, use it to feed your plants, and so much more.

Hell Is Others is an action roguelike game that begins with a mystery. Adam wakes up one morning to discover that a bonsai tree was placed in his apartment while he slept. Who put it there? Why did they put it there? How did they get in? If you want to answer those questions, you’ll need to face the horrors of Granite City.

I’m a big fan of pixel art horror games, and I’m intrigued by the unique style and premise of Hell Is Others. This strange little game seems to offer a little bit of everything. You can redecorate your apartment and turn it into a more appealing hideout. You can spend your time growing plants and use those plants to craft bullets. You can fire those bullets at shadowy monsters so that you can wander the streets safely. I play all kinds of farming games, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a title that lets you farm bullets.

Hell Is Others is being developed by Strelka Games and Yonder, who created the co-op adventure game Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind. It’s schedule to release on Steam sometime in 2021. If you’re a fan of the concept, or if you just dig that incredible pixel art, you’ll want to make sure you add this title to your wishlist.

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