Hitman 3 - Season of Pride

When it comes to Hitman 3, IO Interactive seems reluctant to ever take a break. While it’s not always a substantial load of content, something new comes to the game every single week. The folks at IO must have an impressive work ethic to keep up with all of this.

Today IO Interactive revealed their full plans for the Season of Pride, which is the second season of the Seven Deadly Sins content pack. As you probably expected, we’re getting more escalations, more community-created contracts, and two more elusive targets.

There’s also a fresh game update today, which fixes two of my biggest pet peeves about the game: They fixed the Arkian Tuxedo clipping issue, and poisoned NPCs will now use toilets to puke in instead of beelining for garbage cans. Huzzah!

You can read the full 3.30 patch notes here.

Hitman 3 - Season of Pride

As for the roadmap, here it is in its entirety:

May 10

  • The Pride Profusion (Deluxe Escalation on Chongqing)
  • The Sebastian Principle (Escalation on Dubai)
  • Game update

May 12

  • The Iconoclast (Elusive Target on Mendoza) – Expires May 24

May 14

  • The Icon mission on Sapienza is free for all players

May 20

  • Featured contracts by Spawn on Me

May 27

  • The Pasqual Consortium (Escalation on Mendoza)

May 28

  • Paris is free for all players (expires June 6)

June 4

  • The Black Hat (Elusive Target on Paris) – Expires June 13 (free for all players)

June 10

  • Featured contracts by the Hitman community

June 14

  • Game update

Want to see the full Season of Pride trailer? Well, here it is!

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