Hitman 3 - Season of Pride

Hitman 3‘s post-launch support has been nothing short of ambitious. IO Interactive adds new content on an almost-weekly basis, and the game is blasting through its version of a season pass (if you count the Deluxe Edition’s premium escalations as a season of premium content, this would actually be the second premium season). This content isn’t always deep or meaningful, but it’s added to the game at such a rapid clip that the small things add up really fast.

Hitman 3 is currently experiencing the Seven Deadly Sins season of content. The first act, Season of Greed, is just wrapping up as IO Interactive prepares for Act 2: Season of Pride. This season brings us a new premium escalation series (The Pride Profusion) on the Chongqing map, which allows players to pick up some brand-new loot.

Hitman 3 - Season of Pride

That loot includes:

  • The Narcissus Suit – Sort of like the Season of Greed’s Rapacious Suit, this one is patterned and super reflective.
  • The Proud Swashbuckler – Yes, this is a pirate sword (I want to match this with the pirate outfit from Haven Island).
  • The Majestic – We’re getting another ornate and ostentatious sniper rifle, which reminds me just a bit of the Golden Dragon from the Lee Hong Derivation (also set in Chongqing).

I love unlocking new stuff in Hitman 3, and having more to unlock will always make me happy. It’s good to see this trend continuing.

Also, I’m sure we can expect more in the way of community challenges and Elusive Targets as well, though we don’t yet have a roadmap. You can pick up the Season of Pride on its own for $4.99, or you can purchase the entire Seven Deadly Sins pack for $29.99. It’s maybe a little pricey, but you just gotta have all those sweet unlocks, right?

Season of Pride begins next week, on May 10. You can check out the Hitman 3: Season of Pride trailer below.

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