Metro Exodus Enhanced

When it was announced earlier this year that Metro Exodus was getting a free enhanced upgrade for PC, becoming the first triple-A game to demand ray-tracing hardware, I was a bit dismayed. I’m a console gamer first and foremost, and while I do dabble in PC gaming, I’m not on the bleeding edge, with an incredibly difficult-to-find graphics card at my disposal. So with this announcement, I felt left out in the cold.

But alas, 4A Games is coming through for console owners too. While it was easy to miss this additional announcement in the midst of all that PC hubbub, Metro Exodus Enhanced is coming to new-gen gaming consoles as well. Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 owners with a last-gen version of the game will get the free upgrade on June 18, 2021. That’s like four weeks away, man!

This free upgrade will deliver the now-requisite 60fps-and-4k buzzword cocktail, as to be expected. But in addition, it will also replace the previous lighting with full-on ray tracing. FULL-ON RAY TRACING! Did your head explode?

Metro Exodus Enhanced

As a master of ill-timing, I recently went back to replay my last-gen copy. So now I must make a decision. Do I keep plugging away — as I am only maybe a third of the way through the campaign — and just let the upgrade carry me through whatever portion of Metro’s already stunning and gripping game remains by the time update rolls around? Or do I wait a few weeks to continue my journey, risking not actually going back considering both Biomutant and my possible-sleeper-game-of-the-year Open Country will both release during that period?

At the end of the day, it’s a free upgrade. I guess even if it takes me a while to go back and check it out, it’ll be there waiting there for me whenever that day may be. The only downside is that Metro Exodus Enhanced is apparently not just a patch but instead an entirely new massive game file that will need to be downloaded in its entirety, replacing the current game file, which you should of course delete to free up that sweet, sweet, ridiculously limited internal memory.

But again, who am I to look a gift iron horse in the mouth?

You can check out the trailer below to see just how stunning of a graphical and lighting improvement you can expect when the Metro Exodus Enhanced update goes live on June 18.

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