No Man's Sky Expeditions

In April, No Man’s Sky launched the Expeditions expansion, which added a fantastic new game mode. Expedition Mode feels a bit like seasons in Diablo III, where you start a new save file and progress through preset mission goals to get exclusive rewards. Oftentimes, these rewards progress the game at an accelerated rate, making the whole experience feel fresh for longtime players.

The first expedition (which allowed players to claim the amazing Golden Vector starship) has wrapped up now, and Hello Games has just released the second expedition. This one is called Beachhead, and here’s what Sean Murray at Hello Games had to say about it:

When we created Expeditions, we wanted each one to feel fresh, each one to supply its own twists and contrasts. We are very excited to explore the gameplay and stories that this new mode gives us the chance to create. Today marks the start of Beachhead, a journey with a very different pace and structure to the Pioneers Expedition before it. We hope you enjoy the surprises it has in store!

I have not yet jumped into No Man’s Sky‘s Beachhead expedition to see what it’s all about, but I’m looking forward to doing so later today. I absolutely loved the previous expedition, so I have high hopes for this one.

This also brings the game up to version 3.4, and patched up some buggy boos. Here are the full patch notes.

And on a semi-related note, I found my No Man’s Sky shirt (which I’d been talking about in my livestreams).

No Man's Sky Shirt

And with that, I am out! I’ll see you out amongst the stars, fellow interlopers!

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