Biomutant is an open-world-style RPG, which means there’s a pretty robust selection of character upgrades. At the core of this, of course, is a level-up system. Your character will earn XP and rank up, and which each new level you’ll be given an Upgrade Point and the option to increase one of your core stats by 10 points.

Because character level and Upgrade Points are linked, I’m going to talk about them both in this article. So let’s dig in.

What is the Biomutant level cap?

Biomutant - Level Cap

The level cap in Biomutant is 50.

Once you hit level 50, you will continue to acquire XP, but you will stop leveling up at that point. This means you will stop earning Upgrade Points, as well as the +10 stat boost that comes with each level.

Update: With patch 1.5, the level cap was increased from 50 to 100.

What are Upgrade Points?

Biomutant - Wung-Fu

Upgrade Points are a type of “currency” that can be spent on two types of upgrade: Wung-Fu and perks.

Wung-Fu encompasses combat skills. Every weapon type (including “unarmed” and tribe weapons) has a list of moves that can be performed with it. Wung-Fu lets you expand these move lists.

Perks, on the other hand, are typically stat-based upgrades. The Whet perk, for example, increases melee attack damage by 15%, while Clip Tech increases the size of your ranged weapon clips by 25%.

Note that there are two additional upgrade paths: Biogenetic and Psi. Biogenetic upgrades require Bio Points, while Psi upgrades require Psi-Points. Your Upgrade Points cannot be spent on Biogenetic or Psi upgrades.

How else can you earn Upgrade Points in Biomutant?

Biomutant - Skillpoint Codex

As I mentioned above, you can earn a total of 49 Upgrade Points by leveling up. However, you will need more than that to unlock every perk in the game.

Thankfully, there is one other way to earn Upgrade Points. You can gain one additional Upgrade Point for every Skillpoint Codex you find. And these are easy to find because they’re really consistent with their locations.

There are 11 walled-off bandit camps in the world of Biomutant. If you open your world map, they’ll appear as square-shaped fortress-looking things (shown below).


Once you take out the camp captain, look for a podium with a book on it (shown in the image at the top of this section), usually inside a shelter of some sort. That is a Skillpoint Codex. Each one of the 11 camps contains one Skillpoint Codex.

Taking out the captain of any one camp should open up a side quest called Cleaning Up, which will guide you to the remaining camps. This makes it simple and intuitive to get all 11 Skillpoint Codices.

How does New Game+ impact your Upgrade Points?

Biomutant - New Game Plus

Any Upgrade Points you earn are permanent. They carry over into New Game+ whether you spend them or not. If you’re looking to unlock every single Wung-Fu and perk upgrade, it is possible to do this by the end of your first New Game+ playthrough, so long as you hit the level cap and find all 11 Skill Codices in both your original playthrough and your NG+ playthrough. In fact, if you do this, you should end up having the exact right amount of Upgrade Points at the end of it all.

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