Batora: Lost Haven

Appearing at first to be just another dungeon-crawling hack-‘n-slash indie RPG, a genre I normally pay little attention to, Batora: Lost Haven actually piqued my interest.

Even though I tend to ignore this sort of game, Batora’s environmental-based puzzles caught my eye. This aspect of the game feels just a bit reminiscent of games like Immortals Fenyx Rising or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which makes me suspect this might be more up my alley than I initially assumed.

Unfortunately, the release date is still TBD, but considering how polished Batora looks in the trailer that was shown at the Guerilla Collective livestream this morning, I’m hopeful for a fall or winter launch this year.

You can check out the Guerilla Collective trailer for Batora: Lost Haven below.

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