Black Skylands

There were a few really exciting announcements at the IGN Expo livestream event today, which is part of the Summer Game Fest. Mortal Shell is getting new DLC, for example.

However, there’s one announcement that has a special little place in my heart: Black Skylands got an animated trailer, as well as a release date. This will be out in Early Access on July 9, 2021. That’s less than a month away!

So why is this exciting? Well, I’ve seen Black Skylands referred to as Stardew Valley meets Hotline Miami. If that’s not already enough to sell it, the game features a steampunk aesthetic, glorious pixel art, sky pirates, and Lovecraftian monsters. That’s a whole lot of cool stuff to jam-pack into a single game, and I’m pretty dang excited.

In the game, you get to fly around in a flying pirate ship, which is customizable, while fighting pirates and monsters. There also appears to be some sort of city management element, as well as a whole lot of exploration. It all looks incredible.

You wishlist the game on Steam, and then check out the Black Skylands IGN Expo trailer below.

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