Disgaea 6 - Misedor

Disgaea games tend to revel in the fact that they’re endless grindfests, and Disgaea 6 is certainly no exception. If you want to truly master the grind, you’ll need to play around with difficulty settings. The stronger your enemies are, the more EXP, Mana, and HL (among other resources) you’ll earn for beating them. To really skyrocket the power of your characters, you should be perpetually scaling the difficulty up so that it’s never too easy.

Adjusting the difficulty is simple, but the option is always tucked away in a difficult-to-find menu. Pretty much every time I start a fresh save in a Disgaea game, I end up forgetting where this option is and I have to futz around in menus for an hour before I finally find it.

In Disgaea 6, the option to change the game difficulty is in the same spot it was in Disgaea 5: the Cheat Shop.

To access the Cheat Shop, all you have to do is complete the second story map (Wasteland Cliff in Prinny World). Now, visit this NPC:

Disgaea 6 - Cheat Shop

From here, you can adjust various settings. The important thing to know is that there are multiple pages of settings to look through. You can change pages by pressing the R or L button. The option to adjust enemy strength is on the second page.

Disgaea 6 - Enemy Strength

The difficulty can be adjusted between 0 and 20 (shown by the number of stars that are filled in). Here’s a breakdown of the difficulty level by number of stars:

  • Normal – 0-4
  • Strong – 5-8
  • Really Strong – 9-12
  • Super Strong – 13-16
  • Hellish – 17-20

And that’s how you adjust the difficulty and change enemy strength in Disgaea 6. I admit that even if no one else finds this useful, I’m definitely going to need this information at some point in the future, so I’m glad I put this guide together. I always forget where to find this option, time and time again.

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