No Man's Sky Prisms

When the No Man’s Sky Prisms update was announced, perhaps the most noticeable and exciting new feature was the addition of flying mounts. Before Prisms, Interlopers were limited to riding and taming beasts that crawl on the ground. Now, the game’s pet functionality (added back in the Companions update earlier this year) has been expanded to flying creatures as well.

But Prisms actually delivers loads of great features to No Man’s Sky. Many of those improvements don’t sound all that nifty at first, but once you actually experience them for yourself, you realize just how huge they actually are.

One sneaky little feature in Prisms, for example, is that when you trade in your freighter for a better one, you can keep the old interior and move it to the new freighter. Before the update, you would have to either dismantle the entire inside of your freighter, or just lose whatever you had built every single time you wanted to upgrade to a better one.

Another sneaky little feature is the addition of fur to some of the randomly generated creatures. This brings a greater level of diversity to the universe of No Man’s Sky — no longer is every single creature in this galaxy either covered in scales or all rubbery looking.

Now that I’ve spent a few hours with Prisms, the one feature that stands out to me above all the rest is the “Dramatic Starfields” upgrade. According to the patch notes on the official No Man’s Sky website:

The varietyquality and number of stars in the sky has been significantly increased – a dazzling reminder of the vastness of the universe.

Admittedly, when I first read that, I didn’t think much of it. I was way more excited about the pet updates. But check out this image from before the update:

No Man's Sky

And compare that with this image from after:

No Man's Sky Prisms

The difference is huge. Space now feels more… well… spacey.

Not only are there more stars, but they’re brighter too. They’re more varied in size and they even twinkle.

And this effect isn’t limited to the time you spend off-planet. If it’s a clear night, you can step out of your ship and behold the majesty of No Man’s Sky‘s near-infinite universe. It’s breathtaking.

Sure, it’s awesome that you can ride “dragons” in No Man’s Sky now, but the dramatic starfields are my favorite new feature of the Prisms update by far. This is what space should have always felt like in No Man’s Sky. Now that I’ve tasted the greatness of Prisms, there’s no way I could ever go back to how things were before.

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