Hitman 3 - Season of Sloth

It’s easy for announcements like this to get lost amidst the E3 frenzy, but if you’re a fan of Hitman 3 (like I am), you should definitely know about the Season of Sloth content roadmap. This game just keeps throwing new stuff at us, and I absolutely love it.

Today, IO Interactive announced another month of fresh content that’s coming to Hitman 3.

This is, of course, part of the Seven Deadly Sins content rollout. We’ve seen Greed and Pride, which makes Sloth the third (of seven) of the Deadly Sins. This comes with a new escalation called the Sloth Depletion, which features a rundown version of the Dartmoor mansion, along with some fresh rewards. Owners of this pack will be able to unlock:

  • The Lotophage Suit
  • Slapdash SMG
  • Goldbrick Proximity Mine

This is the premium portion of the content schedule. The rest of it is free for owners of Hitman 3, and some of it’s even free to those who simply installed the free Starter Pack.

Hitman 3 - Season of Sloth

Here’s the complete roadmap:

June 15

  • Game update
  • The Sloth Depletion (Premium Escalation on Dartmoor)
  • ICA19 F/A Stealth “Ducky” Edition (unlocked via Featured Contracts)

June 17

  • The Liability (Elusive Target on Berlin) – Expires June 28

June 24

  • Featured Contracts on Dartmoor by Outside Xtra

June 25

  • Sapienza map is free to all players – Expires July 4

July 2

  • The Twin (Elusive Target on Sapienza) – Expires July 12

July 8

  • Featured Contracts by the Hitman Community

July 15

  • Featured Contracts by Frote 7’s Speedrun Community

July 20

  • Game update

You can check out the trailer for the Hitman 3 Season of Sloth below.

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