Hitman 3 - The Black Hat

Elusive Targets are a longstanding staple of the Hitman World of Assassination game series. An Elusive Target will be available for a limited time period — usually about ten days — and will require you to complete the mission in a single try.

Well, that’s not completely accurate, as you can restart the mission as long as you haven’t killed the target. Once you kill the target, though, you can no longer reset the mission. Plus, if you die at any point during the mission, you fail it permanently.

So Elusive Targets are limited-time, high-stakes assassinations, and the latest one dropped in Hitman 3 today. The current Elusive Target is The Black Hat on the Paris map, which means this is actually a repeat from previous games. If you completed this Elusive Target in Hitman or Hitman 2, you would be rewarded with the Tuxedo with Gloves. This time, however, there is no location-specific reward for completing it.

This is odd, because the Deceivers (on Sapienza) and the Stowaway (on Isle of Sgàil) unlocked their previous rewards (the Italian Suit with Gloves and the Tuxedo, Mask and Gloves respectively). It’s possible that this is just an oversight — remember how long it took to get the Requiem Pack to successfully transfer into Hitman 3? Still, it’s a bit of a disappointment for those of us who make sure to do every Elusive Target.

There is a consolation prize, though. If you’ve done every Elusive Target in Hitman 3 so far, this would be your sixth. That means upon completion, you should unlock the Blood Money Suit. At least it’s something, right? (Here’s a full guide to World of Assassination unlocks, in case you’re overwhelmed by all the unlockables).

If you want a guide to the Black Hat Elusive Target, MrFreeze2244 has a good one (this guy is a legend in the Hitman community). Here it is:

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