Disgaea 6 - Zed

Disgaea games keep getting bigger and bigger. And with one of the narrative themes of Disgaea 6 being about excess, of course this is going to be a pretty huge game.

So how big is it? How many episodes are there in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny? If you want to see a complete list of episodes and maps in Disgaea 6‘s main story, then I’ve got your back.

I should warn you that this is pretty spoiler-y. If you want to go into Disgaea 6 completely blind, then turn back now. But if you don’t mind seeing some chapter names and seeing the game’s twisty chapter structure, then read on!

The bonus characters

Disgaea 6 - Girl Laharl

The western release of Disgaea 6 comes with four extra characters right out of the box. In fact, I had a review copy more than three weeks early, and these characters were already available to me as soon as I installed the game, even though none of the other DLC was available. Because of this, I think it’s worth mentioning them as part of the base game.

In order to acquire those characters, you must complete each of their stages. You have access to these maps super early in the game (you just have to go to the DLC shop to claim them), so I’m going to list them here. Note that these stages scale to slightly above your current level, so with a big team, they’re doable really early on. There’s really no reason to wait.

Dimensional Signpost

  • Final Battlefield – Complete this stage to unlock Adell from Disgaea 2
  • Zenon’s Dead Dreams – Complete this stage to unlock Rozalin from Disgaea 2
  • Overlord’s Recital – Complete this stage to unlock Girl Laharl from Disgaea D2
  • Root of Reincarnation – Complete this stage to unlock Asagi

The main story

Disgaea 6 - Castle

The main story has 10 episodes, and each of those has four or five maps. Here’s a complete list:

Episode 1: Prinny World

  • Outset Wasteland
  • Wasteland Cliff
  • Scorched Plains
  • Fissure Hill

Episode 2: Human World

  • Throne Room
  • Castle Town
  • Rich Man’s Plaza
  • Bourgeois Aqueduct
  • Open Market

Episode 3: Musical World

  • Sunbeam Ruins
  • Wellspring Slope
  • Castella Forest
  • Floating Archipelago
  • Mt. Vernal

Episode 4: TV World

  • Research Facility
  • Central Hallway
  • Control Room
  • Warp Station
  • Command Room

Episode 5: Magic School

  • Enchanted Gateway
  • Common Area
  • Library
  • Dining Hall
  • Lecture Hall

Episode 6: Neo-Human World

  • Influx
  • Castle Corridor
  • Storage Area
  • Royal Chamber
  • Royal Chamber II

Episode 7: Musical World II

  • Happiness Hills
  • Brooklet Bluffs
  • Sing-Song Square
  • Skydream Street
  • Fairy-Tale Fields

Episode 8: TV-to-Movie World

  • Prism Street
  • Stairs of Courage
  • Shipping Yard
  • Evil HQ
  • Evil Rooftop Port

Episode 9: Magic School (Past)

  • Elemental Trinity
  • Wisdom Way
  • Exam Room
  • Exam Room II
  • Exam Room III

Episode 10: Zed’s World

  • Accursed Acreage
  • Time-Worn Tomb
  • Banquet of the Dead
  • Lost Souls Ridge
  • Dawn of Rebirth

Act 2

Disgaea 6 - Overlord's Keep

Yes, Episode 10 really plays up the fact that it’s the end of the game. When you complete it, the credits even roll! But then you realize you’ve just entered Act 2. Surprise!

Episode 1: Overlord’s Keep

  • Darkest Assembly
  • Darkest Assembly II
  • Grand Staircase
  • Gallery of Purgatory
  • Griffon Chamber

Episode 2: Icefield World

  • Demon Freezer
  • Ice Hell Unleashed
  • Silver Crossing
  • Winter Wind
  • Biting Rime

Episode 3: Zed’s World Again

  • Rancorous Ridge
  • Spreading Fear
  • Miasmic Marsh
  • Miasmic Marsh II
  • Fool’s Coffin

Episode 4: Peaceful World

  • Ten’s Fridge
  • Hei’s Backstreet
  • Mizuchi’s Passing
  • Anne’s Plaza
  • Bell of Blessing

Episode 5: Re:Overlord’s Keep

  • Infernal Sentries
  • Double Trouble
  • Path to Imbalance
  • Demonic Chamber
  • Expanse of Solitude

This is where the main story ends. But, as we all know, this is just the beginning of the Disgaea experience. Disgaea 6 includes a robust postgame, and there’s plenty more to do yet. May your grind be long and filled with rewards!

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