Open Country - Amy Finley

Amy Finley is Open Country‘s ATV enthusiast. If you need a set of off-road wheels, she’s your gal. You can find her in the garage out in Greenhoof Sanctuary, though she’s also known to spend time chatting up the locals at Snowridge Lodge.

Right away, I thought there was something a bit off about her, but I couldn’t quite place it. She’s maybe a bit stiff and plastic-like, but so is everyone in Open Country (cough, Gary, cough).

But then, late one night, I noticed something that was definitely concerning. I was returning an ATV I borrowed from her (I needed it for a series of illicit activities that Ranger Ainsley goaded me into — it’s a whole thing). When I went to report back, I noticed that there was not one but two of her.

Open Country - Amy Finley

Upon closer inspection, I realized this wasn’t two exact copies. One stood back in the shadows a bit, but her skin was paler, her expression a little more vacant. I started wondering exactly what was going on with this. Did she have a twin sister who had fallen ill? Had she cloned herself in a sick, twisted experiment? Or maybe I was witnessing some feat of astral projection, seeing Amy’s spirit standing beside her flesh.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t book it out of there as quickly as I could. I wasn’t going to linger. Who knows what sort of devilry these two were cooking up in that garage, where the scent of gasoline mingles with that of wood paneling that’s been baking in the summer heat?

So I headed straight to Snowridge Lodge to clear my head. Perhaps a shot of whiskey would set things right.

Unfortunately, not only did Amy beat me there, but she had become intangible, able to phase through solid objects like Kitty Pryde.

Open Country - Amy Finley

Weirder still, no one else seems to find this odd. Then again, even though she was within feet of both Ranger Ainsley and Gary, she was out of both of their eyelines. It’s possible they just hadn’t noticed yet.

I want to ask someone about this, but Ainsley’s already acting paranoid, sending me out to random locations to “snoop” on folks who are just minding their own business (and it was this snooping that got me into this whole mess — that’s why I borrowed the ATV in the first place).

And I think Gary is straight-up trying to murder me. He convinced me to head out into an abandoned mine to check on some supplies for a fireplace he wanted to build. Sure, it’s a strange way to get fireplace materials, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to scope things out. As it turns out, there was a grizzly camping out there, and I only escaped that nightmare by the skin of my teeth. It’s been several days since that incident, and Gary hasn’t so much as mentioned a fireplace ever since. I’m beginning to suspect his motives had nothing to do with fireplace construction.

Open Country - Gary

As far as Gary is concerned, I never trusted the guy. Then again, he’s never trusted me either. And he shouldn’t. I’d wipe that inhuman grin off his stupid face with a shotgun blast if I could.

What I’m getting at is that I can’t trust anyone. Nancy seems the safest bet, but if she thinks I’m losing my mind, I’m worried she’s going to stop selling me ammo for fear I’m a danger to myself and others (others who aren’t Gary, I mean).

So I’m all alone in this. I can’t ask questions. I can’t trust anyone. I don’t even know if I can trust myself anymore.

And yet, wherever I go, Amy Finley is watching. Just watching. And watching…

Open Country - Amy Finley
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1 year ago

I saw the same thing. She was supposed to talk but didn’t. I’m really enjoying the game, though.

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