Jeff Goldblum

While most people were probably tuning into today’s Summer Game Fest livestream for a sneak peak at Elden Ring, I was mostly tuning in for the hopes of a trailer or two that would get me excited for the E3 season. And although no game trailer was able to spark that excitement from deep within my cold, cynical heart, there was at least one noteworthy moment that tickled my fancy — a moment brought to us from a true national treasure.

For a brief moment, Jeff Goldblum effortlessly managed to steal the show, completely vanquishing the doldrums that preceded him while also girding me for the next 60 minutes of boredom that would follow. And it was within this brief, Goldblum-centric oasis that I truly found my Xanadu.

The funniest part is that he probably couldn’t have cared less about being a part of this event. I would totally believe that if you asked the guy, he probably couldn’t even tell you what the Summer Game Fest even was.

Goldblum was, of course, officially there to debut the world premier trailer for Jurassic World Evolution 2.

You can check out his truly epic appearance for yourself in the video below. If nothing else, Mr. Goldblum’s odd affinity for world premier trailers is a site to behold.

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