Lego Builder's Journey

Lego Builder’s Journey is really a thing of beauty. It’s a calming and emotional journey through a Lego world — a far cry from other Lego titles such as Lego Marvel’s Avengers. But how much time will Lego Builder’s Journey ask of you?

Some websites are reporting that the average completion time is about an hour and a half, but I didn’t find that to be an accurate estimate. According to Steam, my playtime was 3.3 hours at completion. I earned all 13 Steam achievements, though it does look like they’re all tied to progression events — I don’t think it’s possible to miss any of them in a playthrough.

Now, keep in mind that I got up to use the bathroom occasionally, and there were a few puzzles that took me longer than they probably should have. Plus, there were a few instances in which I just experimented with various blocks to see what I could build for a decent chunk of time.

But that’s the joy of the game. There’s no reason to rush through. Take your time and let the calming visuals and soothing synthesizer music carry you away to a childhood wonderland.

While it’s certainly feasible to rush through the game in 90 minutes, people who really want to get lost in the experience can easily spend two and a half hours or more in it.

Does that make it worth the $19.99 asking price on Steam? That depends on the player, I suppose.

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