Lego Builder's Journey

Do you fondly remember playing with Lego blocks as a kid? Do you like puzzle games set to soothing synthesizer music? If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, Lego Builder’s Journey should definitely be on your radar.

In this 3D puzzler, you basically solve puzzles to complete Lego dioramas. There’s a bit of a twist, though, as each diorama presents a scene in an ongoing narrative between a parent and their child. When you complete each diorama, you’ll advance the story to the next scene.

The whole thing is presented with a tilt-shifted look, which makes each scene brilliantly come to life. The plastic blocks look incredibly realistic, so the game might inspire memories of playing with Lego bricks as a child — moreso than the mainline Lego series games (like Lego Star Wars, etc.), because these dioramas feel a lot more “buildable” than a lot of what you’ll find in those bigger Lego titles.

It might not be a very long game, but being short isn’t necessarily a bad quality for a puzzle game. Plus, the music is so chill that you’ll just want to zone out and relive the joy of building Lego dioramas.

Lego Builder’s Journey is currently available on Steam. You can check out the game’s launch trailer below.

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