No Man's Sky Prisms

No Man’s Sky is the gaming gift that refuses to ever stop giving. As we approach the game’s five-year anniversary, we’re still seeing regular, free updates, which sometimes simply address bugs, but more often than not add a slew of new features to the core experience. This is virtually unheard of in today’s games-as-a-service climate, and the folks at Hello Games deserve a round of (digital) applause for their efforts.

Today, we got yet another free update. No Man’s Sky Prisms adds one much-requested feature to the game: flying mounts. On top of that, however, there’s a whole smorgasbord of visual improvements. These improvements include better lighting, better warp effects, creature fur, reflective surfaces, dramatic starfields, and more.

But really, you had me at flying mounts.

The update is live right now, so get out there and explore, fellow, interlopers!

You can check out the announcement trailer for No Man’s Sky Prisms below.

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