Sword & Sacrifice

If you like 2D Soulslike games, you’re probably familiar with Salt & Sanctuary. This was the best 2D version of the Souls formula that was out at the time (it beat Hollow Knight to market by almost a year). As such, I put it on my list of Soulslike games that fans of Demon’s Souls should check out.

Well, it looks like Salt & Sanctuary is getting a spiritual successor. Salt & Sacrifice, from Ska Studios, looks like it includes a lot of the same things that made Salt & Sanctuary great, including the hand-drawn art style and the deliberate, weighty combat system.

I noticed that the announcement trailer was careful to not call this a sequel to Salt & Sanctuary, which is odd, but I guess you can probably think of this is what Dark Souls is to Demon’s Souls.

Either way, I’m really excited to get my hands on this in early 2022, when it lands on PS4 and PS5.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Salt & Sacrifice below, and get some more details in this PlayStation Blog post.

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