Green Hell

It rains a lot in Green Hell. Like, a lot. I mean, Green Hell‘s open-world environment really puts the rain in rain forest.

When it rains, as science constantly reminds us, dirt turns into mud. And let me tell you, the mud effects in Green Hell are quite possibly the best I’ve ever seen. This is next-gen mud here, people. And although your character unfortunately doesn’t leave footprints while trudging through said mud, the visual spectacle is enough to draw my attention away from that oversight.

After a recent rain shower, during which the water freely cascaded down the muddy slope that leads to the water’s edge adjacent to my shanty-like home base, I was so captivated by the mud effects — the glistening of the water in the sun, the muddiness of the mud — I was completely transfixed. In fact, I stared at it long enough that I was able to witness the mud drying up post-rain and reverting back to plain old dirt.

The effect — although far too rapid compared to the mud/dirt properties of the real world — was a marvel, a sight to behold.

The water slowly began to dry, flowing less and less effusively until settling into trickles along the paths of less resistance. Eventually, the tiny rivers dried up and the remaining wet surfaces, now left without a source of moisture, began to bake in the sun until all that remained was dried dirt and sand.

And it was in that moment that the circle of life was reset, waiting for the next rain shower — which should be any minute now — thus starting Green Hell‘s mini mud ballet anew.

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