The Swordsman X: Survival

If you loved Ghost of Tsushima but wished it had more survival and crafting elements (like building your own shelter from scratch), then The Swordsman X: Survival should be on your radar. This is a martial-arts open-world survival game that allows you to become a martial-arts master whose fame spreads across the world.

And that world is humongous. According to the Steam page, the game’s world is 256 square kilometers, giving you tons of land to explore, tame, and build upon. There’s also dynamic weather and horseback traversal.

Of course, while Ghost of Tsushima was set in Feudal era Japan, Swordsman X: Survival looks to be set in ancient China (the game’s Steam description mentions Honglian Temple, Jiangzhou City, and Niujiao Village). While it’s easy to compare these two games at a glance, the regional difference should give each its own unique flavor.

The description of the in-game martial arts is pretty vague, but it kind of sounds like you’ll be creating and honing your own martial art rather than practicing an already-established one.

Oh, and the trailer makes it sound like this has co-op too.

The Swordsman X: Survival

There’s not a ton of information about The Swordsman X: Survival (at least not in English), but what’s been shown so far looks absolutely stunning. I personally can’t wait to learn more about this.

You can check out the official E3 2021 reveal trailer for The Swordsman X: Survival below. This is targeting a Q4 2021 release date, so let’s hope there aren’t any delays.

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1 year ago

One of the best Wuxia games to come out. Can’t wait!

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