Aragami 2

I completely slept on the original Aragami, a stealth action-adventure third-person assassin title from developer Lince Works. Released back in October of 2016, Aragami was just one of those titles that I would constantly see on storefronts but was never compelled to check out. I think some of that stems from how closely the thumbnail resembled Klei Entertainment’s 2012 stealth/action title Mark of the Ninja. But when I caught the announcement trailer for Aragami 2 during this year’s E3, I stood up and took notice.

As a fan of the classic Tenchu games, Aragami 2 looks like a befitting spiritual successor that I’m very much looking forward to.

And now, after having played the original Aragami, I am all the more amped for the sequel. The original offered both methodic, slow-paced stealth with split decisions, mixed with basic character controls and also mystical abilities, including one that’s very much like the blink mechanic from Dishonored.

Aragami 2 looks a bit smoother in traversal than it’s predecessor, and also a bit more open in its approach, giving you more options for striking down your foes. Throwing your sword and impaling an enemy from afar, only to zip over to retrieve it, just looks so satisfying. The head-to-head combat also looks solid, if not mostly par for the course for the genre.

With a release date of September 17, 2021, I won’t have to wait long before I can slink back into the shadows and dispatch a new cast of ne’er-do-wells. Aragami 2 is set to release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

You can check out the extended gameplay trailer below if you want to share my anticipation.

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