Black Skylands - Armory

When you first start Black Skylands, you’ll have a ship and some guns, but you won’t have any armor at all. While you can get along fine without it for a while, the game’s first boss is a real roadblock; you’re going to want every advantage you can get. And that means you’re going to want to craft the Light Armor set as soon as possible.

Thankfully, you can start working on this very early in the game. Here’s a complete guide to crafting your first set of armor, the Light Armor set.

Build your armory

Black Skylands - Armory

Before you craft anything, though, you’ll need to get a couple buildings set up. The game should walk you through building your first garden and your armory, so follow the tutorial to get those set up. If for some reason you’re not being prompted to build these on your own, simply clear out two lot spaces on the Fathership, then set up a farm and an armory.

The armory will cost you 1 wood, 1 stone, and 1 scrap metal, and you can only build one. The garden will cost you 2 wood and 2 stone, and you can build as many as you have spaces for.

Once you have the armory and at least one garden set up, head over to the armory to start crafting.

In the basic tutorial, you’ll be shown how to craft weapons, but keep in mind there are a few other things you can craft here as well.

Black Skylands - Crafting

You want to navigate to the Equipment section of this menu, which should allow you to craft the Light Armor set.

The Light Armor set

Black Skylands - Light Armor Set

The Light Armor set is made up of three pieces: Light Armor, Light Beltbag, and Light Boots. Here are the stats for all three.

Light Armor

  • 110 equipment power
  • +16% max health
  • +8% reduced damage from Falcons

Light Beltbag

  • 100 equipment power
  • +1 medkits in beltbag
  • +20% max ammo in beltbag
  • +12% max health
  • +6% reduced damage from Falcons

Light Boots

  • 90 equipment power
  • +10% movement speed
  • +25% sprint speed
  • +12% max health
  • +6% reduced damage from Falcons

If you just craft one of these before the first boss fight, I would recommend the Light Beltbag. It’s hard to argue with an extra medkit and additional ammo, and that 12% health boost is certainly not nothing. Of course, it’s best to craft all three just to be on the safe side.

What do you need in order to craft all this?

In order to craft the Light Armor, you’ll need 300 Capsules, 2 cotton, and 2 scrap metal. To craft the Light Beltbag, you’ll need 250 Capsules, 2 Flax, and 2 scrap metal. And finally, to craft the Light Boots, you’ll need 240 Capsules, 2 cotton, and 2 scrap metal.

So your complete grocery list looks like this:

  • 790 Capsules
  • 2 flax
  • 4 cotton
  • 6 scrap metal

Where to get the materials

Black Skylands - Shop

Thankfully, all of this stuff is relatively easy to get super early in the game.


The Capsules are your basic currency. You can farm them off enemies, smash open purple boxes to get a whole bunch, or smash regular crates for a small handful. There’s an even faster way to earn them, however: grow cabbage and sell it.

You can purchase cabbage seeds for 50 Capsules from Lucas at his shop, which is located just to the right of where you park your ship and install mod boxes. Not sure where to look? Check out the image at the top of this section to see what you’re looking for.

When you get to the shop, you will have to manually navigate to the Resources section of the menu. Seeds are here. Purchase as many as you can afford, then simply plant them at your garden. They take two minutes to grow and they can be sold back to Lucas for 600 Capsules a piece. That’s a 550 Capsule profit per harvest!

Flax and cotton

Both the flax and the cotton can be gathered the same way as cabbage: by growing it yourself. Buy the seeds from Lucas, then grow them in your garden. Cotton takes four minutes to grow, while flax takes a whole ten minutes. You can set up multiple gardens to speed up this process.

Scrap metal

Black Skylands - scrap metal farm

So far, I’ve only been able to find scrap metal as a drop from one very specific enemy type: the small hovering tank things shown in the image above. The bad news is that not every one of these things will drop scrap metal. The good news is that these buggers are absolutely everywhere. Just fly close to any piece of enemy land and these guys are pretty much guaranteed to show up to harass you.

Blast these tanks with your cannons until you get one to drop a crate. Now maneuver your ship so that the edge is touching the crate, then step away from the helm. You can walk over to the crate, pick it up, then stash it in the hold of your ship and get back to the helm. Simply do this six times and you’re golden.

Don’t forget to equip it!

Black Skylands - equip armor

Once you’ve crafted all this, you’ll still need to manually equip your armor. Simply go to your tablet menu (shown above) and navigate to the Equipment tab. I open this menu with the “View” button on an Xbox controller, but if you’re using a keyboard, you can press M. Cycle through tabs with LB and RB (or Q and R on the keyboard).

Now make sure the armor is in equipped in the available slots, and you should be ready to rock.

And that’s how you craft the Light Armor set in Black Skylands. Good luck out there, kiddo!

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