Infinitrap Rehamstered

Infinitrap Rehamstered is a pretty grueling top-down dungeon platformer. It’s so grueling, in fact, that every time I play it, I feel like I started working at an expletive factory or something. My partner is beginning to think that I can now only speak in four-letter words.

But all this grief and aggravation led to a modicum of improvement in my abilities. And with that improvement came the bittersweet flavor of leaderboard success. And believe you me, this success tastes far better than the trash I’ve been spewing with every death I’ve racked up.

When I first started playing Infinitrap, I was ranking in the 200’s. I was pretty basic. But with a torrent of curse words and a little bit of grit, I slowly started to improve. Before I knew it, I was ranking in the single digits. Even though there was still a flooding rush of F-bombs and slammed controllers, I could tell I was improving and making headway.

Infinitrap Rehamstered

Or, now that I reflect on it, it also could’ve been blind luck. Or maybe there are just a bunch of others schmucks with even more terrible scores than mine, which, by default, lent me a de facto air or master-level skills. I guess I probably shouldn’t look a gift hamster in the mouth.

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