Panic Mode

Some people just want to watch the world burn. I’m talking about the folks who play The Sims in the most disastrous way possible, watching their Sims all die horrible, fiery deaths or drown in pools without ladders.

But then again, there are other people who are just the opposite, who want to see their digital avatars successfully navigate emergency situations with their lives intact. If you’re in the latter category, you might want to check out Panic Mode, which is out on Steam today.

In Panic Mode, you have rooms filled with goofy little aliens called Pammies, which are about to be struck by disaster. You’ll first set up each room, adding security devices and such, then watch your Pammies escape life-threatening situations. If you’ve set everything up properly, those little workers shall survive another day. If not, well…

A recent press release outlined a very brief list of features:

  • Delightful chaotic situations
  • Unique simulation moments
  • Satisfying puzzle solutions
  • Saving cute creatures
  • Chain reactions

Sure, that’s scant, but it does offer just a hint of what you can expect from Panic Mode. However, if that’s not enough, the game’s Steam listing has a better features list:

  • Behaviour: Pammies aren’t smart yet they aren’t stupid either
  • Elements: Each biome has elements that impact the levels
  • Tools: crisis management equipment will be provided

You can check out the Panic Mode teaser trailer below.

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