Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

As part of the upcoming release for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, a new location, Iki Island, will further the adventures of protagonist Jin Sakai. A story trailer was revealed today, giving us a glimpse into the new locale, as well as some of the characters Jin will encounter as you tackle new missions and hunt for collectibles.

A new foe appears in the Iki Island DLC, led by a ruthless overlord dubbed “The Eagle.” Having taken over Iki Island, and also sending scouts to Tsushima for more than just sightseeing, this new Mongol threat needs some dispatching.

So who you gonna call? Ghost of Tsushima!

Now Jin must find “The Eagle” and stop her once and for all. And while he’s there, I’m guessing he’ll probably also help free the denizens of the island as well.

For anyone familiar with the base game, it looks like you can expect more of the same, with the same combat and general intrigue that comes with Sucker Punch Productions’ stellar storytelling and art direction.

There are several different ways to buy into this new adventure, but all of that takes a bit of explaining. You can check out my previous Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut article detailing the price models for the various versions of the game in case you want to untangle that ball of yarn.

In the meantime, check out the Iki Island trailer for yourself below. It was captured on a PS5 to highlight what we can expect graphically from the upgraded version.

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