Kick Bot

There’s something comforting about 2D platformers. Maybe it’s the familiarity — after all, the genre’s been around since, like, the beginning of civilization or whatever. But just because a genre can be safe and familiar doesn’t mean it can’t surprise longtime players. Kick Bot from Two Scoop Games may look recognizable as far as platformers are concerned, but it’s less about actual platforming in the traditional sense and more about air-dashing and wall-jumping.

Oh, and surviving. Because Kick Bot looks tough.

One look at the game’s trailer, and you’ll see endless amounts of spikes, buzz saws, and fire traps. There are also plenty of walls to help you maneuver around these obstacles, as well as springs which may or may not launch you directly into the many hazards you’ll find littered everywhere. The controls are built around a two-button system, keeping things simple while still offering a formidable challenge.

Kick Bot

The whole barely-touch-the-ground thing makes Kick Bot especially interesting. Though there are spots where you’ll have to land on your feet — or butt stomp — the majority of the game seems to be geared more toward aerial movement. This combination of retro platforming and arcade goodness definitely looks like a good time.

Kick Bot is due out later this year. It’s currently listed as coming to consoles and PC via Steam. We’ll surely see which consoles the game’s headed to closer to launch. In the meantime, if you’re interested in checking out the game for yourself, you can play the Kick Bot demo on Steam.

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