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With Red Dead Online‘s Blood Money update comes a new form of currency called Capitale. Think of it as Wild West Bitcoin — it’s a currency whose value tends to fluctuate based on a number of factors. It was initially intended to go out to only “elite” members, but it ended up leaking into the hands of the seedy criminal underworld. As it loses its “elite” status, it becomes less valuable. Guido Martelli intends to get the lost Capitale back so he can restore its reputation (thus its value), but he needs your help.

Unfortunately, Rockstar’s been a little vague about the details of how you earn it and what you use it for. So I’m going to clear things up and explain exactly how you can earn Capitale in Red Dead Online.

What is Capitale used for?

Red Dead Online - Gem

First off, let’s talk about what you’ll be spending your Capitale on. There’s currently only one use for it: To buy into “Opportunities” (which are basically RDO‘s mini-version of heists). Blood Money launched with one Opportunity, but there are two more on the way.

Here are the buy-in costs:

  • Standard – 15 Capitale
  • Hard – 20 Capitale
  • Ruthless – 25 Capitale

On Ruthless difficulty, auto-aim is disabled, enemies don’t appear on your minimap, and no one in your group can die even a single time or you’ll have to start over.

To kick off an Opportunity, find a Blood Money quest giver (Joe, Anthony Foreman, Sean Macguire, or James Langton). You can choose either Blood Money Missions or Free Roam Missions. Choose Blood Money, then press L1 or R1 to cycle through the menu to Opportunities.

How do you see how much Capitale you’re holding?

Red Dead Online - Capitale

Your Capitale is located in your satchel under the Valuables tab.

Note that you can only carry 50 Capitale in your satchel at any given time.

How do you earn Capitale?

Red Dead Online - Blood Money Missions

There are several ways to earn Capitale in Red Dead Online‘s Blood Money update. Here’s every single one I know of.

Blood Money Missions

First off, the main way you’ll be earning Capitale is by taking part in Blood Money missions across the five states. Note that you won’t be paid in Capitale — you’ll get RDO$ and gold for your efforts. However, each mission should contain one secret “stash” of Capitale.

There are two places you’ll look for it: in lock boxes, and on bodies.

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the stuff, and I’ve never found any Capitale in a drawer, wardrobe, or chest. It only seems to appear in lock boxes. So you can save yourself a whole lot of time and effort by only looking in lock boxes and skipping all the other random stuff.

Red Dead Online - Lock Box

Secondly, you can sometimes loot it off bodies. Note that this is almost exclusively going to be “persons of interest.” So if a mission has a specific target character, that is who you’re going to loot. For example, in the stagecoach robbery missions, the person you rob should have Capitale on them. You can either kill them and take it, or hogtie them and take it. That choice is up to you.

Note that on very, very rare occasions, you will find Capitale on other NPCs, but the rate at which it drops seems to be akin to Treasure Maps. Like, if you get some Capitale this way, you’re super, super lucky, or else you’ve just done enough of these missions that statistics were bound to eventually be on your side.

It seems like if you find Capitale on a random NPC (an NPC who’s not considered a “person of interest”), then that doesn’t actually count as the one stash per mission. So if you should be so lucky, you could get a double helping of Capitale.

There are a couple important things to make note of here. First off, you’ll usually only get one Capitale per mission. You’ll occasionally find two (in the same stash), but that’s going to be super rare. However, there are some Blood Money missions that come in three parts. For example, The Jeb Phelps Contract, the Railroad Contract, and the Bluewater Contract. You’ll have to do them in consecutive order (part 1, then part 2, then part 3), but the third part in each series should grant you three Capitale instead of one.

The second thing to note is that if you play in a group, only one person in the group can get the Capitale. So it’s best to do these solo if you’re looking to maximize your Capitale earnings. (When you buy into Opportunities, only one person in the group has to put up the fee, though.)

The Quick Draw Club

Red Dead Online - Capitale

There are two Capitale payouts in the Quick Draw Club No. 1.

At Rank 7 you’ll earn a coupon for 25 Capitale. At Rank 23, you’ll earn 40 Capitale. Note that this is only for players who purchase the premium version of the Quick Draw Club.

When you redeem a coupon, the Capitale will go to the post office or the lockbox at your camp. You can pick it up there. Don’t worry, the game won’t let you go over the 50 Capitale cap. So if you have 15 Capitale in your satchel and you’ve earned the 40 Capitale reward, when you pick it up at the post office you’ll end up taking 35 and leaving the remaining 5 in the post office to pick up later.

Buy Capitale from the fence

Red Dead Online - Capitale

There are two different ways to buy Capitale from the fence. The first is to straight-up pay three gold bars for it. I honestly don’t think this exchange rate is all that bad, though I’m a seasoned veteran with a whole lot of gold in my account at this point. For new players, it might be a little outside your price range (though you can always use my gold farming guide to fill your coffers).

The other item you could purchase is the Hired Gun Kit, which is also sold at the fence. This costs five gold bars and includes 10 Capitale, as well as a bandana, some ammo, and gun oil. It’s probably not worth it for new players, but I figured I’d purchase it anyway to see what the bandana was all about. This is a one-time offer, though (the three gold version is a repeatable purchase).


Now, there’s a certain type of ambush that’s been really consistent about Capitale drops outside of Blood Money missions. When a person approaches you asking for help, then they pull out a pistol to try to rob you, that person should have one Capitale on them. This has been really consistent for me, but it’s possible that I’ve just been getting super, super lucky.

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