Games with crafting and survival mechanics are extremely popular, but it’s clear that people are drawn to these elements for many reasons. Some players want a brutal, punishing experience that will make you fight for every day of survival. Others want to kick back and chill while they leisurely build a base. No matter what sort of experience you’re looking for, you’ll find that these ten titles are among the best survival crafting games for any type of player.



In Arctico, you aren’t just responsible for keeping yourself alive. You also need to take care of your loyal team of sled dogs. Although protecting adorable pups through a harsh winter may sound stressful, Arctico offers a surprisingly relaxing experience. Since there aren’t many enemies to worry about, you can focus on expanding your base, naming your dogs, and petting them to your heart’s content. It’s a truly peaceful game that features some stunning scenery.

Arctico is in Early Access and is available on PC and Mac.

Oh, and if this seems like it’s up your alley, you might also be interested in The Red Lantern, which is on Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games Store.


Darkwood PS4

If you like a healthy serving of horror in your survival games, you’ll love scavenging in the uninviting world of Darkwood. In this top-down title, you’ll need to explore nightmarish, randomly generated woodland to find the tools you need to live another day. Whether you’re desperately seeking supplies during the day or building barricades to fend off Lovecraftian horrors at night, this is a game that never wants you to feel safe. Even if you’re not easily scared, the incredible atmosphere and sound design in Darkwood are sure to get under your skin.

Darkwood is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

While the primary goal of Don’t Starve is laid out in the title, this addictive Klei game can offer a fresh experience every time you play. Thanks to the game’s blend of science, magic, and other fantastical elements, there are endless threats for you to face and even more ways to stay alive. Whether you choose to play as Wendy, who’s protected by her ghostly twin Abigail, or Wagstaff, a nearly-blind scientist who can craft all kinds of amazing items, you’re in for an adventure every time. Expansions like Hamlet, Shipwrecked, and Don’t Starve Together add even more variety to the game.

Don’t Starve is available on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.



If you’re looking for a game that will motivate you to do more than survive, you may want to try Miasmata, a story-driven title that casts you in the role of a scientist inflicted with a horrible disease. Your only hope for a cure rests on a mysterious and deadly island. You’ll need to use the game’s cartography mechanic to build a map that will help you to uncover all of the island’s secrets. Whether you’re traipsing through ruins, staving off sickness by synthesizing plants, or avoiding monsters, Miasmata offers an amazing experience to players who are driven by story and exploration.

Miasmata is available on PC.

The Survivalists

The Survivalists - Gem Stones

If you like pixel art, chiptune music, crafting, and monkeys, The Survivalists should be on your radar. This survival game comes from Team17, the studio behind The Escapists and The Escapists 2, and it feels like it’s set in the same pixelated universe. While it was a little light on content at launched, the very recent Expeditions update brought a lot of new features to this sandbox survival game.

The Survivalists is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

And if you’re looking for something along these same lines, you might also be interested in Tinkertown, which is currently in Early Access on Steam.


Astroneer Screenshot

In some survival games, you’ll have to fight an upward battle to make minimal amounts of progress. In Astroneer, you can build beautiful bases in a matter of hours. When you’re satisfied with what you’ve accomplished on one world, you can take off and tackle a new one. The gameplay loop is very addictive, and exploring planets is always a joy. This chill sandbox game is a perfect option for Minecraft and No Man’s Sky fans who are looking for a new way to scratch their crafting itch.

Astroneer is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s currently included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Feel the Snow

Feel the Snow

Survival games don’t get much cuter than Feel the Snow. Not only does the game have adorable characters and incredibly charming pixel art, but it also offers a terrific soundtrack and a surprisingly immersive storyline. The core gameplay loop can feel similar to Don’t Starve at times, but Feel the Snow is a sweeter game with a slower pace. While you can try to survive in this snow-covered world on your own, you can also bring a friend along! Feel the Snow offers co-op support for up to four players.

Feel the Snow is available on PC.

The Long Dark

The Long Dark

Since The Long Dark debuted on Steam Early Access in 2014, it’s evolved into a game that’s a defining example of the survival genre. The winter wilderness is beautiful, but incredibly harsh. There’s always something to worry about, whether it’s the cold, your hunger, the equally-hungry wolves right outside your door, or equipment that’s on the verge of breaking down. This is a title for players who want a challenge, folks who aren’t looking for peace and relaxation when they sit down with a survival game. The Long Dark is a game that can make you feel cold even in the middle of summer.

The Long Dark is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Craftopia Switch

Craftopia is extremely rough around the edges, but there’s something joyous about the way this title tries to combine every beloved game into one. You can capture creatures as if they were Pokémon. You can glide through the air like in Breath of the Wild. You can farm, explore dungeons, build, or even create massive, Factorio-style production lines. Stay away from Craftopia if you’re looking for polish, but give it a try if you want to play a game tries to be everything at once.

Craftopia is in Early Access and is available on PC.

Among Trees

Among Trees

Survival games don’t have to be foreboding, even when they’re dangerous. There are threats to worry about in Among Trees, like the incredibly deadly bears, but this game is mostly focused on allowing you to appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether you’re foraging for mushrooms, catching fish, exploring caves, or simply marveling at the stunning scenery around you, it’s a game that can make you relax even when you’re not safe. If you’d prefer not to worry about bear attacks, you can also play the game in Zen Mode.

Among Trees is in Early Access and is available on PC via the Epic Games Store.

If you’re looking for further recommendations along the lines of Among Trees, you might also want to check out Eidolon.

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