Red Dead Online - Blood Money

I feel like Michael Corleone whenever a new update for Red Dead Online drops; just when I thought I was out, I get pulled right back in.

As previously reported by Half Glass Gaming’s owner Josh, Rockstar Games is finally releasing what seems like the most substantial update to Red Dead Online since last year’s Naturalist update. Blood Money is the name, and robbing folks is the game. This will entail a whole new crop of missions and rewards for content-starved players to experience and collect.

There’s apparently a new type of activity called Crimes, which will have you robbing fools and taking their money. These range from simple holdups to multi-stage affairs that sound a little bit like GTA Online‘s heists. I’m trying to not get my hopes up too high, but here’s Rockstar’s description (straight from their Newswire):

Crimes will range from cloak-and-dagger coach holdups to multi-stage robberies — including kidnapping, brutal debt collections, and more.

That sounds like heists to me. Does that sound like heists to you too?

On top of all that, there’s a second type of activity called Opportunities. There are three planned Opportunities, and the first one arrives with the Blood Money update. These sound like more involved, scandalous affairs that only seasoned criminals will be eligible to partake in.

And then there’s a new type of season pass. Whereas Red Dead Online used to offer months-long club memberships called Outlaw Passes, Rockstar is breaking those into smaller pieces they’re calling the Quick Draw Club. Those are shorter-term passes that cost 25 gold bars and will have you roaring through 25 levels of content. If you complete a mini-pass, you should earn all 25 gold bars back.

Rockstar is planning four of these, and if you purchase all four, the next Halloween Pass is yours for free. It really sounds like Red Dead Online‘s content plans stretch out to almost the end of 2021 at this point (though the game will undoubtedly continue to grow beyond that).

Red Dead Online - Blood Money

This is a lot of stuff to get excited about. And for this hombre, that means dusting off the old spurs for one last rodeo.

I have been waiting for a juicy content drop to get my Red Dead juices flowing after the last, somewhat underwhelming Outlaw Pass No. 5 just kind of existed. So I have been itching, as has my trigger finger, for some reason to return to the game for one last shootout (until the next update, of course, when this cycle inevitably repeats itself).

Considering Blood Money will finally delve into the seedier side of Red Dead Online, with perceived train heists, black market currency, crooked politicians, and all sorts of other nefarious dealings, this should be a shakeup unlike previous updates and roles, which skewed more toward the white-hat side of the law (with the exception of the moonshiner role, of course).

And with the announcement of previous Outlaw Pass items now being available for purchase from fences, items like the much-lauded ability to fast travel from a wilderness camp (which I spent days grinding for back when it was part of Outlaw Pass No. 4), it makes my languid antipathy towards grinding feel all the more justified.

The Blood Money update will go live with a whole host of other content and features on July 13. And of course, you can check out more Half-Glass Gaming Red Dead Online content and analysis if you want to keep up to date, cowpoke. We get pretty into RDO here, and that doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon.

You can check out the Blood Money trailer below.

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