Red Dead Online - The Redcliff

Of the five main Outlaw Passes released in Red Dead Online to date, I only bought into passes No. 4 and No. 5, and of those I only finished No. 4 (and that was after a mad dash at the zero hour).

I consider myself a hardcore-yet-still-casual gamer. I’m willing to spend countless hours repeating small sections of a game — like anything in the Hitman or Metro series –trying to get through with mastery and perfection, but anything above and beyond that falls outside my zone of interest. I am not a Platinum Trophy hunter, but I will make an effort to secure the trophies that seem reasonable.

So when faced with a mildly daunting100-level Outlaw Pass in Red Dead Online, I just get overwhelmed. After about the 30 or 40 mark, I start to fall off. Even though these passes contain rewards that I find legitimately cool, those are usually way up on the totem pole, taunting me to push forward yet ultimately haunting me when I inevitably fail to meet the requirements to achieve said rewards.

I also tend to play in a slower-paced style, engaging in only the small handful of activities I find enjoyable, so it can be a bit tough chipping away at those passes when I’m not focused on grinding XP. And then, of course, I always get distracted by other games.

However, this new Quick Draw Club Pass No. 1, which comes in at a reasonable, almost (dare I say) measly 25 levels? Well, things are stating to look up for old Liz Lemon.

I was easily able to knock out the first ten levels in my first Blood Money session, just like that. I snapped just then… like that! (imagine I’m snapping). And that was all while engaging in the limited number of activities I mostly stick to, like Trader deliveries and ticking off a reasonable few of the daily challenges.

At this rate I should be able to clear this pass in my next one or two sessions, and that is simply music to my ears.

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