Nintendo Switch OLED with a rat

Gaming enthusiasts have been speculating on a pending release of a new Switch model since what feels like the dawn of time. With hopes and dreams of 4K and 60 FPS gaming, Nintendo fans anxiously anticipated the reveal of the next big thing.

But then Nintendo stepped up to the plate and batted a foul. At least, that’s what the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model feels like. Instead of a more powerful machine, this console is just a miniscule upgrade that no one really needs.

Now, I already hear you saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jules; those are some harsh words.” And yeah, maybe you’re right. A 7-inch OLED screen is definitely an upgrade from the original 6.2-inch LCD screen; 7 is inarguably larger than 6.2. And yes, the kickstand might now actually be worth a damn. And sure, Nintendo did manage to cram double the hard drive space into this one (64 GB! Like my three-year-old cellphone!). But this all still just feels like a natural iteration of the original design, as manufacturing costs have eased with time. It certainly doesn’t seem like a pricier “upgrade.”

For my two cents, I don’t think this necessarily warrants a $349.99 price tag, up $50 from the current HAC-001(-01). But then again, this new model is most certainly not geared toward someone like me. I can foresee this going over well with anyone who previously didn’t own a Switch but has been trying to get their hands on one. After all, a slightly improved model for $349.99 is far more handsome than the current HAC-001(-01) model that someone is trying to resell for $400+.

Nintendo Switch OLED at the pool

But as anything other than a person’s first and only Switch? I can’t see too many people who already own the perfectly serviceable HAC-001(-01) model ditching that old thing to pay an extra $50 for this new OLED model. But, as time has proven again and again, and especially where die-hard Nintendo fans are concerned, you can never say never when there’s hardware to buy.

Some might consider the Nintendo OLED Model a stewpot a-brewin’. For me, this more closely resembles a ratatouille, if that makes any sense. Does it make any sense? I don’t even know anymore.

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6 months ago

I never had any of these but i payed on my nephews & had a lot of fun. I actually had more fun than i thought i would that being said i think I’d like the OLED simply because of the larger screen. Can Games like Ratatouille & MARIO brothers be played on the OLED or just the switch & lite .

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