Final Fantasy XIV - Miner

If you’re running the Leatherworker Job in Final Fantasy XIV, you’re going to need crates and crates of alumen. This is a reagent that you’ll use for tanning leather, which is something you’ll be doing a lot of.

In order to find alumen, you’ll need to have a Miner, who can mine it from certain nodes in Eorzea. So here’s where you can find both alumen (which you’ll need for leather up to about level 35) and black alumen (which you’ll need for leather between levels 35 and 50).

If you want to know where to farm all of the different ore types in A Realm Reborn, you can check out my ore guide. Otherwise, for all your alumen needs, I’ve got your covered below.

Where to find alumen

Final Fantasy XIV - Alumen Location

Alumen can be found in Eastern Thanalan, between Camp Drybone and Highbridge.

Alumen is a level 19 reagent that can be mined from grade 20 mineral deposits.

Where to find black alumen

Final Fantasy XIV - Black Alumen Location

You’ll find black alumen in the South Shroud, to the southeast of Quarrymill. It’s in the cave leading out to Urth’s Gift.

Black alumen is a level 40 reagent that can be mined from grade 40 mineral deposits.

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