I’ve gone on record to state that, although I do like Foreclosed for a number of reasons, the game is not without its flaws. Chiefly among those are its brain-dead enemy A.I. and frustrating combat mechanics. However, the telekinetic and gun upgrades can mitigate some of these frustrations, and it’s highly recommended (by yours truly) that you unlock a number of these upgrades as fast as you can.

Now, the game does gate some of the telekinetic upgrades — and, in fact, the actual mechanic itself — until after you’ve completed a story element in chapter seven, “I Am The Expert.” So you will have to put up with the finicky combat controls and frustrating scenarios until such a time that these upgrades are available. But you are free to upgrade your handgun in the meantime, which you should definitely do.

Upgrading poses a bit of a “good news/bad news” proposition, however. The bad news is there are only twelve upgrades in total (six for telekinesis and six for your gun), so the amount of customization is a bit slim. The good news is that this really cuts the chaff and allows you to focus on what is most important (as opposed to a game like Far Cry 5, where you have to unlock X and Y, which might not be all that great, before you can unlock Z, which is really what you have your eye on).

That being said, I thought I would lay out the unlocks in Foreclosed that I found to be especially helpful in the fight to regain Kapnos’ identity. You only get four tech abilities to map to each of the face buttons, and only three abilities for your sidearm. It’s also probably worth mentioning that, to the best of my knowledge, these unlocks don’t have zippy titles or anything, so I am giving them an off-the-cuff name based on what they do.


For the tech side of my build, I prefer to use the following abilities:

Levitate – At first glance, the “Slam” and “Levitate” abilities seem like two sides of the same coin. One slams the enemy to the ground while the other lifts them above it. Both incapacitate the enemy and leave them wide open to attack. But whereas Slam simply slams them to the ground, Levitate lifts them and then drops them to the ground, so it’s really more like a levitate-and-slam two-for. Levitate also only costs one upgrade point whereas slam costs two, so it wins out there as well. This would be the first upgrade I would suggest unlocking

Personal Shield – This ability creates a forcefield around Kapnos that blocks incoming bullets. It comes in handy if you need to narrowly skirt by a room full of turrets, or if you just need some insurance from an unsuspectedly spawning enemy. It costs one upgrade point and would be my second recommendation.

And honestly, these are the two abilities that I used the most, with Levitate easily beating out Personal Shield. You’ve got two more slots, so whichever of the other four unlocks you choose — Health Drain, Enemy Cage, Overheat, and the aforementioned Slam — is up to your discretion. I personally would just save the unlock points and move on to the firearm side of the abilities, since those can be used earlier in the game than the Levitate ability.


Which brings me to my first firearm unlock:

Increased Shooting Rate – I recommend this as a first unlock. This one does exactly what it sounds like it does, it increases your alt fire’s rate of fire. And in allowing you to pump more lead faster, it is a great ability to have early in the game. Plus, it only costs one upgrade point.

Shield Piercing – The Shield Piercing ability is also a great tool early in the game. Once you get a little ways into Foreclosed, you’ll start running into at least one shielded enemy per wave, with that number increasing the more you advance through the story. Simply put, shields absorb a great deal of damage that you otherwise intended to inflict upon an enemy soldier. Once the shields are felled, you can finally start chipping away at the health of the bullet-sponge enemies. So being able to pierce through those shields faster will most certainly come in handy. I would unlock this ability second, but I will warn you that Shield Piercing does cost two precious upgrade points.

Implant Overheating Dampener – By this point you should probably be around if not past chapter seven, which is when you unlock your telekinesis powers. Once you do unlock that feature, the Implant Overheating Dampener ability should be your next unlock. It might not be all that flashy, but it is definitely the most helpful overall ability, even if it does no active damage to enemies. What it does do is allows you to use more of your other abilities for longer periods of time before they overheat and lock Kapnos in a suffering animation, which leaves him vulnerable to attacks. This costs two upgrade points.

Telekinetic Bullets – The final weapon upgrade I would go with — which I would replace the Shield Piercing ability with — is the Telekinetic Bullets ability. This works in tandem with your telekinesis by acting as a sort of heat-seeking bullet aid. As long as you target an enemy even from behind cover, your bullets will be sent flying on a trajectory toward that enemy. It’s sort of like the movie Wanted; think of it as curving the bullet. This ability costs two upgrade points.


And there you have it. This is the loadout that, for me, was the most efficient way to get through Foreclosed with my sanity intact.

The other firearm abilities (which I didn’t care for) include: 

Armor Piercing – This is different from Shield Piercing, as it only affects armor and helmets but not shields, with Shield Piercing not affecting armor and helmets.

Explosive Bullets – There is also an ability that makes your bullets explode on impact, although I didn’t see much of an improvement from the regular bullet damage, but that could just be me.

Of course, feel free to check out all of the abilities yourself and find what works best for you. I’d be curious to see which ones you find the most beneficial, or if you found my suggestions helpful or complete bullocks, so feel free to leave a comment.

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