Hitman 3 - Season of Gluttony

Hitman 3 has just wrapped up a month of lust-themed content, and now, as we’re transitioning into September, Hitman 3 is transitioning into the Season of Gluttony. This season comes packed with all the goods, including new premium items, as well as plenty of stuff for Hitman 3 owners and even free Starter Pack players.

The main course is the Gluttony Gobble — get it? Main course? I really can’t keep doing this…

Anyway, the Gluttony Gobble is a premium escalation series that gives you a shot at unlocking three brand-new items: the Profligacy Suit, the Maximalist Shotgun, and the “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack. This, of course, is only for those who either purchase the Seven Deadly Sins pack, or pick up the bite-sized (gah, I did it again) Season of Gluttony as a standalone add-on.

This wouldn’t be a Hitman season without Elusive Targets, and we’ve definitely got some of those on the way. The Procurers will be available at the beginning of the month, and then later in September, the Food Critic will give players a shot at unlocking the Casual Suit with Gloves. Finally.

And then you’ve got more Featured Contracts, this time from Screen Rant and the Hitman community.

Hitman 3 - Season of Gluttony

Here’s the full schedule of events:

August 31

  • The Gluttony Gobble (Premium Escalation on Chongqing)

September 3

  • The Procurers (Elusive Targets on Dartmoor) – Expires September 13

September 9

  • Featured Contracts by Screen Rant
  • Bangkok is free for all players – Expires September 19

September 17

The Food Critic (Elusive Target on Bangkok) – Expires September 27

September 23

  • Featured Contracts by the Hitman community

Honestly, for a season themed after gluttony, this one seems a bit light on content compared to previous seasons. That’s not the worst thing in the world, but it does make me wonder if Hitman 3 is winding down its ambitious content plans. Are we witnessing the end of an era? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, you can check out the full roadmap trailer for Hitman 3‘s Season of Gluttony below.

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