Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle

Mortal Shell‘s Virtuous Cycle DLC is almost here. For any fans who are quick to jump back into the twisted world of Fallgrim, that DLC will be free. From August 18 (the DLC’s launch date) to August 23, 2021, The Virtuous Cycle will be free for Mortal Shell owners across all platforms.

If you miss the free window, the DLC’s regular price is $7.99, which really isn’t all that bad if you ask me.

Kiron Ramdewar of Playstack (publisher of Mortal Shell) had this to say:

Since we launched Mortal Shell back in August 2020 we have been thinking about how to give our fans something truly special that demonstrates our sincere appreciation for their support. The Virtuous Cycle Expansion has been packed with content that fans of the genre will love, and provides a new unique way to experience the rich Mortal Shell universe. We can’t wait to see how new and old players will tackle our new roguelike mode when venturing into the depths of Fallgrim.

There will also be some Twitch drops to celebrate the DLC launch in style. You can get all the Twitchy little details here.

I really enjoyed Mortal Shell, and the roguelike-esque Virtuous Cycle sounds like a pretty big change to the basic gameplay loop, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this DLC impacts that Soulslike experience.

You can check out a brand-new trailer below.

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