Days Gone

Days Gone from Bend Studio was a divisive game when it released as a PS4 exclusive back in April of 2019 (it was later ported to PC). The review build was allegedly pretty buggy, which seemed to sour most of the critical scores, and so when it received a day-one patch that sorted out the more egregious glitches and issues, players were met with a marginally improved version that seemed at odds with what critics were reporting. At least, that’s my impression based on the reviews I read and the backlash from the devoted commenter fan base.

But even without that odd kickoff, considering Sony already had the far more polished The Last of Us (which was also a not-a-zombie zombie game), it felt strange that they would add another third-person post-apocalyptic action RPG to their line of console-exclusive titles.

Ultimately, Days Gone became a sleeper darling. I personally loved the game when I played it at launch, even though I really hated Deacon St. John. I thought the motorcycle felt great to use, and the focus on its upkeep was a nice survival wrinkle. It certainly added something to the moment-to-moment dynamic gameplay as you played through the beefy single-player campaign.

Although Days Gone didn’t sell like gangbusters, I would say Bend Studio mostly knocked this one out of the park. So when rumors swirled earlier this year that Sony apparently passed on a Days Gone sequel pitch, it was a bit of a letdown. The foundation for a great franchise was there, and it was strong; Bend just needed to tweak the ingredients a bit to make it all worthy of Sony’s blessing.

And I am clearly not alone in thinking so, since there is a Change.Org petition to get Days Gone 2 made that, at the time of this writing, has over 130,000 signatures. It’s not a whopping wall of support, mind you, but it’s still substantial enough to maybe turn a few heads.

Well, after raking the yard a bit, I turned on my PS5 to fire up Death Stranding Director’s Cut in the hopes of making some headway on Chapter 3. Lo and behold, what did I find waiting for me in the Explore section of the PS5 dashboard? It’s the first of a five-part dev doc from 2019 about the development of Days Gone. “Hmm…” I thought. “That’s curious.”

If that’s not odd enough, the following day I found the second part featured, the Road to Animation video. Hmmm…

Days Gone - Road to Animation

Could it be that Sony is gauging the temperature of it’s install base to see if there is any lingering interest in the Days Gone market? Could this be a lowkey test to see how many people tune in, to see if perhaps there are more than just 130,000 people clamoring for a sequel to it’s freaker underdog?

Boy I sure hope so.

I’m probably just grasping at straws here, but I would imagine that if enough people do check this out — and maybe even fire up Days Gone because they suddenly feel the itch to thin a horde or two — maybe this will be the spark that ignites the Days Gone 2 wildfire. So, maybe check this series out and do your part.

Heck, you should look into it anyway, because a good development doc always makes for some fine viewing, if you ask me.

And you did ask me. Boy howdy, did you ever.

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