Muro Studios is currently working on a new 2D action game titled Doomblade. As its name would suggest, the game features a desolate and twisted vibe, with dark underground landscapes and odd creatures. Also, a huge blade! You play as Gloom Girl, who discovers the titular Doomblade and goes on a quest to free the massive sword and take down powerful beings known as the Dread Lords.

The game is described as “a new type of Metroidvania,” and while a lot of it is still under wraps, it definitely has a distinct style and fast-paced hack-and-slash combat that looks like it could be a lot of fun. Muro Studios previously worked on Shadow Bug, an action-platformer that featured a lot of aerial-based combat, and Doomblade seems to share some similar gameplay elements.

Shadow Bug was a pretty dark-looking game in its own right, and Doomblade seems to be right in line with the gloomy, dreary tone of that title. It also features some really stylish design choices on the part of Muro Studios, though. So while it does use darker tones, there are also a lot of bright colors blended into both the backgrounds and enemies, creating a distinct tone that reminds me a little bit of Dead Cells.

Like Shadow Bug before it, Doomblade will allow the player to use aerial maneuvers to both take down baddies and traverse the maps, adding a bit of platforming to the mix. You’ll be able to use moves with cool names like “grim ripper,” “wicked wind,” and “nightmare onion.” These will give you some crazy air time and will help you rip your foes to bloody shreds!

Doomblade currently has a tentative release date of “when the chains are broken,” and is launching on PC. It’s worth noting that Muro Studios released its previous title on console and PC, so that could be something the developer does at some point with Doomblade, too.

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