Marvel's Wolverine

During Sony’s recent PlayStation Showcase, we learned that not only is Insomniac Games hard at work on a sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, but also a full-fledged standalone Wolverine game as well. Everybody’s favorite surly, cigar-smoking Canadian mustelid is getting his first solo video game outing since 2009’s pretty cool X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie tie-in.

Although there are no real details to suggest anything more than what was teased during the reveal trailer, the internet is already running wild with speculation. I figure why not toss my hat in the ring with a small list of features I would love to see implemented in this mysterious game.

So without further ado, let’s talk about five things I want to see in Marvel’s Wolverine from Insomniac Games.

A Linear, Non-Open-World Structure

Marvel's Wolverine

In as much as I do enjoy web-slinging in Insomniac Games’ version of New York City, Wolverine doesn’t come equipped with any equivalent to Spidey’s web-shooters. Hell, he doesn’t even appear to have a car, and most likely is without a proper driver license — he strikes me as an off-the-grid kind of guy (though I suppose he did drive a truck in the first X-Men movie).

So I can’t imagine a way in which Insomniac could possibly make widespread open-world traversal make sense for Logan. And really, even if they did, I don’t know that I would want to see him engaged in actually doing it.

I think in this case, Wolverine would benefit from a linear, enclosed-mission-to-enclosed-mission structure. That doesn’t mean strictly corridors and hallways — there can be a certain element of open space design, like the original The Last of Us, or even some looping like Control.

An Element of Violence That Makes Sense for a Guy with Indestructible Knives in His Knuckles

Marvel's Wolverine

I can imagine both Marvel and Insomniac not wanting to go with a Mature rating on a tentpole IP. Especially considering the film arm of Marvel has yet to even unveil their version of Wolverine. And aside from the aforementioned X-Men Origins video game, Wolverine has been surprisingly bloodless in his video-game appearances over the years.

That being said, I feel like we are at a point with the character — especially after the success of the film Logan, which earned it’s R-rating and then some — that it would be a shame to deny his visceral nature, or the level of harm his adamantium stabbies would inflict.

Then again, I could just as easily see flashy hit icons covering up the actual points of connection every time he slashes or stabs an enemy in order to get that possibly more lucrative Teen rating. After all, Spider-Man throws people off the tops of multi-story buildings, and he still landed a teen rating, so maybe Insomniac could somehow find a way to sell the slashy-stabby without the gooey-gushy.

No Ties to Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man - Hacker

Although it is tempting to want to see these two characters exist in the same video-game universe, I think Insomniac would be wise to keep these two properties separate.

Marvel’s movies have spoiled the general populace into thinking that everything should be connected and building to a big thing. This is okay sometimes, for sure, but it’s not always necessary. And for the sake of telling a confined story, fighting the urge to combine these two series would be a blessing. I don’t want to spend really any time wondering about any characters other than Wolverine while playing a Wolverine story. And he is such an interesting character, he deserves the spotlight unto himself.

No Cameos or Characters of Note Other Than Wolverine and Whoever the Baddie Is

Marvel's Wolverine

That’s right, much the same way I do not want Wolverine and Spider-Man to exist in the same game or even the same game universe, I also hope we don’t see any other characters in Wolverine aside from Wolverine and whoever is dumb enough to go up against him.

There are far too many crossovers in the world of pop culture as it is, so not having a level where you need to team up with Cyclops or read an email Easter egg from Deadpool is okay by me. Keeping things focused squarely on Logan is more than enough. If the game can deliver a more focused story without big cameos to fall back on, it could be the start of something fresh instead of yet another parade of Marvel’s popular characters.

A Release Date Before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Wolverine

I know this might be a tall ask considering Marvel’s Wolverine was just officially teased, with no prior leaks and no indication of how far along in production the game even is. But as I understand it Wolverine is being made by the team that helmed Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which released back in November of 2020. Assuming the full team started work on Wolverine, and assuming it is a linear, non-open world title, it is very conceivable that a 2022 release date could be in the cards.

Spider-Man 2 isn’t slated for release until 2023, and with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart already out in the world, we might be in for a romp with Wolverine sooner rather than later.

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