No Man's Sky Frontiers

No Man’s Sky is the perpetually update space exploration game that never stops getting bigger, despite it’s already-universe-sized… well, universe. And today, it gets even bigger with the Frontiers update.

Frontiers adds planetary colonies to the game, which you can manage yourself. As a colony overseer, you’ll need to expand the colony, defend it from Sentinel attacks, commission festivals, and settle disputes among colonists. Yeah, it basically turns this space exploration game into a space colony management sim, and I’m all about that.

Of course, with new colony management comes a bevy of new base parts — more than 250, in fact. So even if you just want to build a solitary base out in the middle of nowhere and not have to deal with the needs of colonists, you’ll have new tools to play with.

One upgrade that I don’t think is getting enough attention right now is the fact that you can now have 15 save slots (instead of 5). This is such a huge quality-of-life update, especially since each new Expedition requires you to start a fresh save file.

And speaking of Expeditions, we’ve got a new one coming. This one is called Catographers, and it will allow you to earn your own monstrosity companion. Neat!

No Man's Sky Frontiers

And then, last but not least, we’re getting more Twitch drops. I have to say, No Man‘s Sky is extremely generous with their Twitch drops, so you’ll definitely want to tune into some livestreams to claim those rewards. We don’t have the full list yet, but it sounds like it will include exclusive companions and ships.

If you want to, you can even follow my Twitch channel. I’ll definitely be streaming this once the Expedition starts!

The Expedition and the Twitch drops are coming soon (we don’t know when yet), but the Frontiers update itself is already here. Log in and get colonizing, fellow interlopers!

It’s hard to believe that No Man’s Sky continues to get better at such a rapid clip. All of the stuff mentioned above is welcome, but there’s a lot more that I haven’t even touched on. You can read the full update notes here, and check out the Frontiers trailer below.

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