Guilty Gear -Strive- Plus

Looking for some more Guilty Gear -Strive- content? Well, do I have a treat for you! It turns out that Strive’s implementation of Unreal Engine 4 is basically M.U.G.E.N. when put into the right hands.

Whose hands are those?

Let me shine a community spotlight on Ryn AKA @WistfulHopes on Twitter. She is, quite frankly, one of the most talented modders in the Guilty Gear scene. While most other modders stop at color swaps, reskins, or — if they really want to spend effort — entirely new costumes, Ryn has decided to add entirely new characters to the Strive roster.

Her first notable project was adding Gran from Granblue Fantasy Versus into the roster. Apparently the basic engine of GBVS and GGST are relatively similar, so porting him over was one of her easier projects. That’s not to say it wasn’t complicated; she notes several times that she has to edit hitboxes via a hex editor since there is no tool to edit them quickly and easily.

Gran retains many of his mechanics from GBVS including his ability to use EX moves. In GBVS, EX moves require extended cooldown. In his Strive conversion, they cost 25% meter.

Her latest project is a character from a whole other franchise. Yes, it’s Iori from King of Fighters in Guilty Gear -Strive-, converted to the Strive graphics style. He, too, retains many of his mechanics from past games. Here you can see him doing a Max Mode combo.

Neither of these characters is fully playable, as they are still a work in progress, but she does intend to release them when she is done.

So what can you play? Let me point you to another mod of hers, Guilty Gear -Strive- Plus.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock since Strive released, you probably have heard people complaining about the lack of gatlings and the removal of old moves in the game. Strive Plus fixes that and then some. Characters are able to use older Guilty Gear style gatlings, canceling p, k, s, hs, and d in that order. They are also able to cancel dusts into special moves. Finally, she has restored many old moves to characters including Ky Kiske’s Greed Sever and Sol Badguy’s Dragon Install. Currently she has three characters, Sol, Ky, and May, completely done and modded, and she is working on Axl.

The mod is even playable online (but only against other people who have the mod as well. All changes are reflected in move-lists and custom combos as well. It’s one of the most complete mods we have seen yet.

And just in case this wasn’t impressive enough, she also dabbles in U.I. modding.

So if you just can’t wait for more Strive content, be sure to give her a follow and check out her mods on Gamebanana. Who knows, we might be playing Iori and Gran far before we play Asuka or Happy Chaos.

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