You know what I desperately need in any car-themed game? Destructible cars. You know what you get in Wreckfest? An entire game dedicated to destroying cars.

Wreckfest gives you the absurd joy of going to a destruction derby without having all those massive dirt clods rocketed into the side of your head. I’ve put about 19 hours into this on the Xbox Xeries S, and I’m still compelled to play more — which is something I cant say about most of the racing games I’ve played.

With a couple dozen vehicles to choose from in the base game (not including its two seasons of DLC), you have a wide variety of choices when picking what you’ll be using as a sledgehammer at top speed. Options include many standard and classic derby cars, semi trucks, the baffling couch cars, lawnmowers, harvesters, a motorhome, and many more. Each one controls uniquely based on its weight, front- or rear-wheel drive, number of wheels, and so on, with unlockable parts to further tweak the feel of each vehicle. Customization options are simple but clear, each making fairly noticeable changes to how that particular vehicle drives.

And boy oh boy, do I love the weight behind these cars. When you’re going full-tilt and you smash the next car into the wall, watching 3/4 of their car health disintegrate beneath your might, it’s a satisfaction like no other. The level of destruction detail is fantastic, with tires and hoods being launched off into the air, and doors and windows being crushed and smashed.

On top of the selection of cars, there’s an almost overwhelming amount of track options to choose from. I counted 43 different courses in the base game, with most tracks having multiple options. Some tracks are tarmac, some are dirt, and some are their own special mix of the two.


The game plays smooth as lard on the Xbox Series S. I haven’t noticed any lag, jitters, nor rubberbanding, and load times are pretty quick.

Overall, Wreckfest is a game with enough content to keep me invested for a long time, feeding my desire to win (and to destroy everything in my path in the process). I’m so glad I was able to snag this on the Game Pass.

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