Bunker Survival

Survival games continue to flood the market these days, each one seemingly coming in a different shape and size than the last. One of the newest kids on the block is Bunker Survival, a first-person single-player survival horror game that, judging by what little I’ve seen, checks every one of my survival-game boxes. From the moody red lighting of the titular bunkers to the threat of both mutants and humans, this game’s elevator pitch has it going straight to the top of my list.

That being said, there isn’t enough info out yet for Bunker Survival to determine whether this will be a worthy timesink or just a time-stinker. The Steam page is rife with typos — which is not a huge red flag, but it’s definitely an indicator that polish might be lacking. There is a prompt to request access to a playtest beta, so that will definitely be the best chance to get a feel for what Bunker Survival has in store.

The trailer does seem more like a proof-of-concept video than anything else, and it’s extremely light on combat or game mechanics or even UI. Take this with grains of salt aplenty.

There is no release date yet, so it’s hard to tell how early this is in development. But, at the very least, the premise does sound promising. I personally enjoy single-player takes on the survival genre, because I always feel a bit left out of multiplayer-centric games like Rust and Day Z.

And, for better or for worse, I am getting some really strong Metro vibes — if Bunker Survival can manage to deliver at least a fraction of that experience, I would consider that a homerun. But on the flipside, that is a high bar to clear. Depending on the team’s pedigree, this might be too lofty a goal. Only time will tell, as is the case with everything in life, so I guess for now it’s just another round of the ‘ol waiting game.

You can check out the teaser below or visit the Bunker Survival Steam page for more info. You can even request access to the trial, which might be a good way to get your hands on this as early as you can.

Keep your fingers crossed, because Bunker Survival‘s initials are B.S., and I really hope that’s nothing more than an unfortunate word pairing.

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