Death Stranding - Ludens Duck

Death Stranding Director’s Cut added an unexpected new feature to the game: There are now rubber duckies floating around in the hot springs. To celebrate this fact, they’ve also added Ludens Duck holograms that players can unlock and show off on their upgraded structures.

So how do you unlock the Ludens Duck Holograms? Well, it’s simple. First, you must unlock the Firing Range, which will happen automatically in Episode 2. Basically, the Firing Range is unlocked as soon as you collect a weapon. So doing either [Order No. 77] or [Order No. 14] in Episode 2 will add the Firing Range option to UCA terminals.

Now, just go to a terminal and select Private Room/Firing Range, then select the Go to Firing Range option. To unlock the Ludens Duck holograms, simply complete drills. There are eight ducks to unlock, and you should have all eight by the time you’ve completed all 28 drills.

Your score doesn’t matter. As long as you complete the drill and have a score (even a C), you will get credit for that drill.

Now, here are the duck holograms you can unlock:

  • Ludens Duck: Yellow
  • Ludens Duck: Red
  • Ludens Duck: Green
  • Ludens Duck: Dark Blue
  • Ludens Duck: Reddish Brown
  • Ludens Duck: White
  • Ludens Duck: Brown
  • Ludens Duck: Blue

By completing all 28, you’ll also unlock the Spare Ammo Pouch (Lv. 2) for your backpack.

And there you go. That’s how you unlock the Ludens Duck holograms in Death Stranding Director’s Cut. If you want to unlock absolutely everything in the guide, you’ll want to check out my complete guide to Death Stranding unlocks!

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