No Man's Sky - Emergence

Just in time for Halloween (and the new Dune movie), No Man’s Sky got an update that’s both spooky and filled with sandworms. It brings with it the Emergence expedition, which has you hunting a titan sandworm and unraveling the mystery of an ancient space cult.

This one started October 20, 2021, and runs for five weeks.

This is the first time we’ve gotten an expedition that’s based around a narrative, so it’s an exciting one to jump into. Plus, it’s got some great rewards. So let’s dive into the Emergence expedition to see what it’s all about.

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing the complete breakdown for the previous update, you can check that out here.

Onward, Interlopers!

Hunt 1

No Man's Sky - Emergence

Completion reward:

  • Flesh Launcher Pack

The Beast Awakens – Follow your first Titan Worm


  • Wormskin Folio: 1
  • Significant Life Support Upgrade
  • Ion Battery x5

Your Only Sanctuary – Reach your starship


  • Advanced Mining Laser plans
  • Suspicious Packet (Weaponry)
  • Banned Mining Beam Upgrade
  • Banned Movement System Upgrade

From Barren Shores – Leave the planet


  • Efficient Thrusters plans
  • Banned Pulse Engine Upgrade
  • Banned Launch Thrusters Upgrade

Into the Black – Warp to a new system


  • Base Computer plans
  • Salvaged Data x20
  • Personal Refiner plans

Rendezvous 1 – Reach the 1st rendezvous


  • 500 Nanites
  • Inventory Slot x3
  • Supreme Hyperdrive Upgrade

Hunt 2

No Man's Sky - Emergence

Completion reward:

  • Ghastly Trail customisation

Rendezvous 2 – Reach the 2nd rendezvous


  • 600 Nanites
  • Terrifying Sample
  • Inventory Slot x3
  • Banned Movement System Upgrade

The Fleshy Core – Visited a 2nd Titan burrow


  • Wormskin Folio: 2
  • Portal glyph set

Resist the Flames – Endure extreme heat storms: 3,000u


  • Hypnotic Eye x3
  • Terrifying Sample
  • Ever-Boiling Cake

Embrace the Flames – Receive the cleaning pain of fire


  • Supreme Hazard Protection Upgrade
  • Banned Hazard Protection Upgrade
  • Supreme Movement System Upgrade

An Indelible Stain – Harvest Cursed Dust: 512


  • Optical Drill plans
  • Liquid Sun x512
  • Banned Life Support Upgrade

Hunt 3

No Man's Sky - Emergence

Completion Reward:

  • Titanic Trophy plans

Rendezvous 3 – Reach the 3rd rendezvous


  • 650 Nanites
  • Biological Sample
  • Inventory Slot x3

It Towers Above Us – Visited a 3rd Titan impact


  • Wormskin Folio: 3
  • Nautilon Chamber plans
  • Efficient Water Jets plans

Their Scent Remains – Steal Whispering Eggs: 16


  • Shell Greaser plans
  • Emergency Broadcast Reciever
  • Projectile Ammunition x3,000
  • Banned Scatter Blaster Upgrade x3

They Pushed Too Far – Retrieve an Archive Override Implant


  • Archive Override Implant plans
  • Anomaly Detector x4
  • Fragmented Qualia x399

That Creeping Foam – Earn Nanites: 4,000


  • Nautilon Advanced Equipment Blueprints
  • Supreme Submarine Drive Upgrade x2
  • Runaway Mold x128

Hunt 4

No Man's Sky - Emergence

Completion reward:

Feasting Casque customisation

Rendezvous 4 – Reach the 4th rendezvous


  • 999 Nanites
  • Storage Augmentation x3
  • Inventory Slot x3
  • Terrifying Sample

Lungs of Sand – Visited a 4th Titan impact


  • Wormskin Folio: 4
  • Divergence Cube

Forbidden Words – View the Writing Manuscript


  • Writhing Manuscript
  • Tainted Metal x401

Their Lost Children – Excavate ancient bones: 16


  • Salt x128
  • Historical Document
  • Multi-Tool Expansion Slot

Bad Vibrations – Eliminate Hungering Tendrils: 36


  • Unbound Monstrosity
  • Synthetic Worms x5
  • 777 Nanites

Hunt 5

No Man's Sky - Emergence

Completion Reward:

  • Title: Worm Lord
  • Emergence Expedition Decal plans
  • Emergence Expedition Banner customisation

Rendezvous 5 – Reach the final rendezvous point


  • 999 Nanites
  • Storage Augmentation x3
  • Powerful Underwater Oxygen Upgrade x2
  • Terrifying Sample

The Vermiarch – Visited the final Titan impact

  • Reward: Wormskin Folio: 5
  • Supreme Pulse Engine Upgrade
  • Inventory Slot x5

Into the Red – Communicate with the Atlas


  • Visceral Synthesiser plans
  • Companion Egg

The Titan Will Submit – Construct the Visceral Synthesiser


  • Hexite x1,616
  • Kelp Sac x3
  • Larval Core x5

Spawn Beneath Your Skin – Collect Vile Spawn: 3


  • Historical Document
  • Cryogenic Chamber

Final Phase

Completion Reward:

  • Hungering Worm Companion Egg

Wormskin Folio Text

No Man's Sky - Planetary Archive

I’ve collected all the text from the Wormskin Folios and the Forbidden Archive as well, for the lore fanatics out there.

Wormskin Folio: 1

The worm lord towers above the dusty earth; its flesh becomes the sky.
Our pathetic shells cannot follow, cannot reach its height, cannot reach its depths.
We offer ourselves to the ground.
We beg our sacrifice accepted.

Wormskin Folio: 2

The dust was choking.
Our eyes reddened and watered.
But the truth was inescapable.
The veins of the Atlas had surfaced.

Wormskin Folio: 3

Now with every storm we beg to be chosen;
Arms to the sky, faces to the dirt, calling out with all we have!
When heavy raindrops hit the earth, the veins of Atlas answer.
The rapture of our consumption is beyond words.

Wormskin Folio: 4

We tumble as it swallows, but grip the slick walls as best we can

Oh! – to reach the gizzard still awake.
Breathe it in deeply! How our lungs gurgle!
The slime clogs our noses and stings our eyes,
though in this warm darkness, we are already blind.

Wormskin Folio: 5

Curse the agony of regurgitation,
Curse this feeble flesh that still confines me!
My brethren were reborn, rising from the blessed dust as fresh tendrils.
Glistening capillaries to the great veins, slithering away into the sand.
I will be patient. Until the next storm.

The Forbidden Archive

(Note that the Writhing Manuscript is just a condensed version of the Forbidden Archive. The Forbidden Archive text is much more detailed.)

We heard them before we saw them. Felt them before we heard them. The children were the first to notice, running home with tales of earth moving under their toes. A thump thump thump, thundering deep below the sand.

I doubted — we all did. Until the day of the great storm. As the first heavy raindrops hit the dust, the rumbling deepened. Everyone heard it. Something huge was shifting beneath the surface of the planet.

“See?” cried our children in brief triumph, before hiding fearful faces. We were all afraid. But when the first worm breached the surface, we couldn’t look away. It was breathtaking.

So colossal was the beast that it cast our whole settlement into darkness, splitting the sky like black lighting as it leapt overhead.

Worm by worm, they rose from the desert. A few at first, then dozens, bursting from the ground and diving back below. Migrating.

The ingestion cycle has been tradition for as long as anyone can remember.

There are no requirements to become a sacrifice: no restrictions of status or age. We are all equal under the great worms. Anyone may enter the maw.

Every storm season, we each hope to be chosen. We arrange ourselves in lines across the desert, arms lifted to the sky.

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